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  1. Non-Lethal
  2. Questions with some ideas
  3. Displacer-Opfor weapons
  4. Version 4.8 too hard
  5. History of Sven Coop
  6. Always wondered?
  7. Climbable ropes?
  8. OppFor cut cruely short
  9. Map Packs
  10. Certain AOM server up?
  11. Quick question
  12. Happy 17th Birthday Sven Co-op!!
  13. 4.8 to 5.0 Question
  14. Will 5.0 have amxx and ent?
  15. Orginal "Valve Deathmatch" player models in 5.0
  16. Please add error model like garrysmod so no-crash is missing models/sprites
  17. Will We Be Able To Donate In-Game?
  18. What are the rules on posting +18 maps here?
  19. VNN (Valve News Network covers Sven co-op imminent release
  20. AMXX seems no longer work in 5.0
  21. Blue hev suit for first person along with HD arms?
  22. workshop?
  23. 5.0 HL1 Campaign
  24. Custom Sprays
  25. Question about auto executing some commands.
  26. Where is the Multiplay UK Servers?
  27. EXP Mod and Enemy damage.
  28. Disabling player collisions in 5.0
  29. Questions about the secret on campaign portal map
  30. does anyone Know?
  31. Help finding a map I played a long time ago
  32. Good Job on Releaseing 5.0
  33. Do you know the name of this map? [Defender 7 Chaingun Osprey at night]
  34. 5.0 model converter
  35. How 2 make Custom Sprays in less than 5 minutes w/ HLTagConverter
  36. No new enemies?
  37. Secretcity6
  38. Let's brainstorm. Deathmatch in Sven-Coop.
  39. name of city map for 5.0 with working cars?
  40. Changenotes?
  41. HLDJ For sven?
  42. When will the childish behavior finally end?
  43. What happen to the Afraid of monsters Directors Cut(AOMDC) servers?
  44. Question about the Deployable Sentry
  45. Need help+suggestions w/ fixing Op4 Ending (boss fight/gman scene)
  46. Could you please bring back old player models back?
  47. Reference & Suggestion : physical action concepts
  48. Sven Coop Manual -- Update Weapons Category
  49. I could need some help!
  50. Can Sven Coop 5.0 Engine work with mods?
  51. 3 Player Sven Co-op Half Life Speedrun, by Griffin, D0thole and Shepaard in 1:20:04
  52. I missed old SC 3.0
  53. TFC sounds in sven files
  54. We will ever see SvenCoop3? (Map)
  55. Unable to play with a friend - can anyone set up a server for us??? Please!
  56. Deleted map?
  57. Could need some help! (again)
  58. flamethrower, mp5 and glock?
  59. WOW???
  60. Redirect from sven v4.8 installer (disply quirk)
  61. More detail in the gore?
  62. Sven Co-op Map Database content.
  63. Will you please increase the clip_nodes limit?
  64. Could we have a larger pixel custom spray??
  65. Advance create custom transparent spray
  66. Help test a mappack
  67. HLSP Campaign Speed-Runners.
  68. need little help
  69. sven videos
  70. RIP Mushroom Guy?
  71. What maps should I work on next, in order?
  72. Question about new Single Player Maps
  73. temporary func_vehicle fix
  74. Lantern effect almost?
  75. [Request] TFC stuff for sveny stuff I guess
  76. Massive GoldSrc Content Resource
  77. Suggestion
  78. Need help finding a map from childhood!
  79. Footstep pack or sound overhauls?
  80. NPC Kill and Friendly Fire
  81. Shared item_inventory?
  82. Noob question regarding player models
  83. A couple questions on skill configs
  84. [Request] Better color choices for player models
  85. [Question] Ultra Map Pack
  86. How can create monsters in Sven Coop 5.0 with Metamod-P in Entmod?
  87. A suggestion.
  88. Could "Crack-life campaign" return in svencoop
  89. Counter strike models?
  90. Now Hiring! [Please Read First]
  91. This plugins works on Sven Co-op 5.0 PvP Servers?
  92. Map Fortified beaten on Ultra Hard difficulty!
  93. Server Error
  94. Option suggestion: Player model filter?
  95. Map talk: Likes, Dislikes, best experiences
  96. Sven Coop Demos
  97. Weapon Names and skins?
  98. A quick question about the old Sven Co-op 3.5 weapons
  99. single-player maps (HL, Op4, BShift) should be moved to its own sub-folder
  100. Steam workshop for Sven Co-op?
  101. So... bm_sts... (Longest match?)
  102. TheyHunger3 Conversation helper
  103. Achievements
  104. Next Engine / Game Update ETA and General News
  105. Map-specific binds?
  106. Disable Player Sprays From Client Perspective?
  107. Sven Co-op as a Black Mesa: Source mod
  108. Controller setting
  109. Looking for different weapon animation packs
  110. Binding the MP5A3 to a key
  111. Next Update Questions
  112. software mode can be useful
  113. A letter to the Sven Co-op team
  114. Join Our Discord Channel
  115. improve the flashlight please!!!!!
  116. Need help finding a specific map series.
  117. Why was software mode removed ?
  118. Official maps' frustrating part
  119. Is there any way to hide the HUD and/or the viewmodel?
  120. About textures in half-life maps
  121. Donation question
  122. Weapon animation suggestions
  123. Svencoop2 (map) needs a minor tweak or change.
  124. Question about extra player animations
  125. [Discussion]Mounted model machine gun is possible in SC or Angelscript?
  126. How can add custom weapons in a map with survival script?
  127. How much should I donate to get the dollar icon in my name in the game?
  128. Any great 2-player coop maps?
  129. Important Net Frameworks 4.0 from newest Net Frameworks 4.5.x - 4.6.x HOT FIX!
  130. How can change the HUD default color to other?
  131. Is possible add a new command mp_maxfraglimit ?
  132. Is possible auto-balance the skill.cfg and players respawn?
  133. [AS] Is possible can pause the plugins ?
  134. Low definition sounds, models, ETC.
  135. Is There An All In One Massive Map Pack?
  136. Why do most monster stop advancing when attacking?
  137. I am looking for specific puzzle maps...
  138. Any single player maps, administrator codes or bots for 5.0?
  139. REO1 problem
  140. How can change all sounds svencoop default server?
  141. Can SC 5.0 get unlimited lightmap?
  142. Looking for SvenCoop ver 1.0, 1.2 and 1.35
  143. Are we automatically registered members to scmapdb? Plus are other websites valid?
  144. Now looking for maps you can play as the aliens themselves
  145. How hard is it to implement existing HL1 mods into Sven Co-op?
  146. forcepmodels only to players and no admins
  147. Is possible use Global Events Reemplacement ?
  148. Looking for Half life model viewer for ubuntu (linux)
  149. Is it encouraged or looked down upon to use prefabs? And copy right questions.
  150. HD textures?
  151. A coop campaign with existing community maps?
  152. Is it possible to alter the player height and make detachable zombie headcrabs?
  153. Transgender Gaming Community server
  154. Donator bonuses bugged?
  155. Sites that have player models and weapon models?
  156. Hunger weapons on sven arms
  157. Ivan co-op updated?
  158. Weapon pack request
  159. Steam workshop?
  160. Model question
  161. Survival Time
  162. Achievements
  163. HUD question
  164. WON font
  165. pls help mapvote problem
  166. 3.5 (Bronze) Trailer questions
  167. Would it be possible to add in the original LD models in the next update?
  168. BM_STS2 ( Idea Topic )
  169. save weapons
  170. Gunman Chronicles Campain in Sven Co-op
  171. Looking for specific hl2 weapon pack
  172. What if when a player dies, he actually timetravels?
  173. Something for people to try
  174. [SC3.0] SvenCoop 3.0 Server UP And Running!
  175. Sven Coop 1 & 2 maps
  176. Halo player model pack
  177. New Survival
  178. Little thing I made
  179. flashlight = low fps
  180. Sven coop Red faction
  181. [RCBot] Possible fix for SC 5
  182. Donator perks wont load when i join a server
  183. Anyone know where this song is from?
  184. Good Horror maps?
  185. Adding entities/monsters to pre-existing maps
  186. Will player models with 4.5 animations work with 5.0 version of sven coop?
  187. Regarding plaing sven coop 5.0 without steam
  188. Revenge! Fortified beaten on Ultra Hard AND Survival Mode
  189. Development team
  190. Survival mode
  191. mp_survival_voteallow ask
  192. Separating damage in the cfg
  193. Player sounds
  194. Hello my dear friends and beknowns -
  195. SvenCoop Gametracker
  196. Regarding plaing sven coop 5.0 without steam
  197. Sven Co-op v4.8 Menu Background / Picture?
  198. Survival mode
  199. Creating an Alias for dropping all weapons
  200. Half-Life: Azure Sheep
  201. They Hunger Trilogy Beaten Solo on Sven Co-op Without Getting Hit on Realistic
  202. Final boss
  203. How to get Half-Life 1 playermodels to work on SC 5.x?
  204. RE: replacing vanilla mp5 model when joining games?
  205. I'm Back
  206. Stadium 4 "beta"
  207. Old patch that makes pre 4.8 singleplayer maps suitable for 2 players
  208. Is it possible to jumpbug in Sven Co-op?
  209. Whats the reasonable max player limit for Sven Coop?
  210. Discord Unban Request
  211. my Discord account was removed
  212. Anyone remember?
  213. Sven Co-Op OldSchool Server v 3.0 & 4.8
  214. How is the Halflife campaign these days?
  215. an idea!
  216. Angelcript chat/console commands
  217. Why does not half life reach consoles?
  218. I can not open the Launcher game on the Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard System
  219. hey gamers
  220. How About porting Half-Life: Caged to Sven-Coop