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  1. Documentation & Tutorials discussion thread
  2. Rocket Crowbar - Monster Transformations (In-Progress)
  3. Could bots work?
  4. Simple text menu callback not working
  5. Imessages, Hook to map change, changelevel, nextmap
  6. Sockets
  7. Angelscript missing debugger.
  8. Sending plugin-specific resources to players
  9. Open file for write (Cfg)
  10. The Media Player In Game.
  11. How do you set up HUDTextParams?
  12. Send a console command to the server
  13. Question about weapon scripts
  14. Attach something to a player
  15. [AngelScript] Adding DMG_TYPE into FireBullets()
  16. g_EngineFuncs.Voice_SetClientListening is broken.
  17. player model
  18. Weapon Samples
  19. Suggestions for default scripts
  20. Need help getting trails to work with angelscript
  21. How to create a weapon?
  22. Creating a custom ammo entity?
  23. No documentation on Player Hookable events?
  24. Classic Mode without Survival?
  25. Can't hook PlayerPreThink
  26. Can Angelscript "moveswith" - Is it possible?
  27. Could AngelScript support a Gmod Theater/Cinema type mode?
  28. Change player angles
  29. Efficient way to iterate through all entities in map
  30. Need Amx Reserved slot alternative
  31. Need help with text menu
  32. Commission : Gravity Gun
  33. Make func_illusionary solid to SOLID_BBOX
  34. Request - Gender/Species/Race System
  35. Sending players to observer mode
  36. Print to client console
  37. Get name of current map
  38. Request - Observer Mode for Admins
  39. Question about API
  40. How to check every connected player
  41. Some noob questions
  42. Reload all map entities
  43. Cast CBaseEntity to custom class
  44. Distance between two vectors?
  45. Save data by SteamID.
  46. Monster abilities/AI combination?
  47. What are the ammo names?
  48. Nullify Entity to Guard AI Override
  49. AS versions of Q2 functions?
  50. info.iMaxClip2 ? How do you add a clip to the secondary ammo?
  51. Adding custom weapons?
  52. Working on a custom flashlight plugin. Null pointer access :[
  53. Check if a player is in observer mode?
  54. g_EntityFuncs.GetKeyValue ?
  55. Entity Collision
  56. Close to get a real NPC 100% done in AS. Need help seeking functions!
  57. ScriptBase class-thingies!
  58. #ifndef and #if: What does SC use?
  59. Custom NPC problems.
  60. Custom weapon bugs+requests+questions
  61. self.m_flDelay ?
  62. Setting Think or Touch of created entities?
  63. env_beam does not "appear"
  64. Entity angle stabilization?
  65. ScriptBasePlayerAmmoEntity not being given in map.cfg
  66. Further custom NPC problems.
  67. Adding new decals to decal_e for g_Utility.DecalTrace ?
  68. Custom Projectile Problems.
  69. Copying/creating and removing brush entities
  70. Custom sprites not showing up: No model ###!
  71. Problems with pev.button
  72. Allowed server commands?
  73. Unknown scope 'Hooks::Player'
  74. Problems with schedules
  75. Round(float); ?
  76. NetworkMessages::MOTD
  77. Creating CBeam Array
  78. Getting TextureType from a trace?
  79. First script: not loading?
  80. Problems with scripts+suggestions
  81. Checking if a player holds specific weapons
  82. BestVisibleEnemy() and m_pLink?
  83. ServerCommand and SVC_INTERMISSION
  84. No matching signatures to RandomFloat(float, float)
  85. [Request] MP5/Crossbow/Sniper Rifle IronSight Resurrection ??
  86. g_EngineFuncs.SetView
  87. Auto Attacking knife
  88. [HELP] Weaponlist don't work on custom weapon.
  89. Deploy Bipod?
  90. Secondary Ammo Max Clip?
  91. Troubles to implement SetBits and SetUse, and other issues
  92. Secondary max ammo greater than 10
  93. Cast char to int
  94. Set players health
  95. Sort dictionary
  96. Weapon indexes don't get cleared between maps(or something like that?)
  97. How to use ondestroyfn?
  98. Making a npc don't fire if his LoS is blocked
  99. custom weapon respawn
  100. HLSDK to AngelScript?
  101. KeyValueBuffer GetValue doesn't work :[
  102. Look( int ) and BestVisibleEnemy()
  103. g_Engine.trace_flags is read-only
  104. Animation names for 357
  105. BaseClass.Holster
  106. CTextMenu broken?
  107. Holes on the wall
  108. Weapon slot no.7 & position no.11 can't display
  109. Custom RPG laser spot is invisible
  110. Shoot crossbow darts
  111. Custom items
  112. Float formatting
  113. Melee "Fatigue"
  114. Force user to input certain commands
  115. Checking single or akimbo uzi
  116. Laser not updating it's position.
  117. Limiting player's view
  118. get all keyvalues and create a copy
  119. Force texturemode?
  120. [Weapon] Get Keyvalue from player using weapon
  121. Find CBaseEntity@ by targetname ??
  122. Custom "Monster" Use function? (E button)
  123. SENTENCEG_PlayRndSz, VecCheckToss and others. Any equivalent in AS?
  124. How does one go about creating a custom NPC or weapon that acts like the original?
  125. Scripted monsters hitgroups
  126. Notice: API Changes in Upcoming SC Release
  127. Monster waypoints and base schedules?
  128. goto script for teleport player to other player in sven co-op server
  129. [Replace Items] Dropped items after map start.
  130. Help needed for AngelScript Basics
  131. Player score and deaths
  132. This bug makes me doubt reality
  133. Weapon not working
  134. Infinite Crowbar
  135. custom animated button
  136. How do you create a BLOB?
  137. fetching current animation
  138. Bit utility - Need testing...
  139. Buy Menu with CS and Quake 2
  140. AS causing server instability?
  141. Quake 3-like hit sounds? Hook of when player did damage to an entity?
  142. [HELP] StartSound Network Message
  143. Slowing down monsters
  144. CS Flashbang (help in the flash affect)
  145. Sven Co-op Zombie Scenario [Problem Custom NPCS]
  146. [PVP] Allow Deathmatch
  147. Leap/Jump attack problems
  148. Buildsystem/"Gravitygun" problems
  149. Setting players pev.iuser1 varbiable sends me to observer ..
  150. Talkative monsters
  151. A way to delete a entity or a object
  152. Weapon skin problem.
  153. Pause AS Plugin in Specific map.bsp
  154. getting a players current weapon
  155. issuing a client command
  156. how to tell if a door is not locked
  157. change the RELATIONSHIP between two CLASS
  158. Got a problem with "opImplConv()"
  159. Problem loading rcon as_command .s_afb_access "STEAM ID" "+ bcdefghijklmn on the ser
  160. Trigger on player kill
  161. Run AngleScript command through Server Console