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  1. Interface scaling issues
  2. Issues getting Opposing Force and Blue Shift support installed
  3. Ichthyosaurs not attacking.
  4. A few bugs/issues
  5. cl_drawshadows "1" not working
  6. Widescreen doesn't scale fov
  7. Flashlights from other players drop FPS
  8. Surface Tension Tripmine Room (Nuke Explodes Everyone Dies)
  9. Lagging badly ?
  10. 5.0 servers not appearing
  11. Sven co-op dont start on Ubuntu
  12. Pantalla negra cuando inicio el juego
  13. Bobbing and Spray options not changing through menu.
  14. Kicked and banned everywhere, even when starting my own game.
  15. Small "Exclusive Hold" Bug
  16. Steam Validation Rejected
  17. A couple unknown crash logs
  18. MEdkit left click doesn't work.
  19. A Screen Bug
  20. Problem, maybe you can fix it.
  21. Players crashing the server with Arabic characters... console log.
  22. ED_Loadfromfile error
  23. ERROR! Failed to request AppInfo update, not online or not logged in to Steam.
  24. room_type in certan areas creates completely distorted effect
  25. Bad Entity & COM_LoadFile crashes
  26. help please
  27. [Sven Co-op 5.0 SDK] Map Compile Bug
  28. Survival mode not working on Opposing Force, Blue Shift and other custom maps
  29. sv_allowdownload/sv_allowupload forcefully ran on servers
  30. [Request] Friendly Fire option/plugin.
  31. Certain maps crash servers with Metamod + AMXX
  32. Strange lag on multiplayer servers
  33. Issues with large map support in Hammer/ZHLT/game
  34. Explosiones freezean el juego y se cierra.
  35. Will you guys release engine code SDK like HLSDK?
  36. Fail-mountain HUD "refreshing" bugs
  37. sc_another "scripted_sequence" bugs
  38. Reco , verifying resource bug
  39. Absurd FPS lag when playing.
  40. Problems installing Blue Shift support
  41. Need some help with my server configs.
  42. OpenGL shadows disabled?
  43. 4.8 maps Thread. please post here for old maps.
  44. Failed to Contact Game Server
  45. FATAL ERROR (shutting down): Bad entity in IndexOfEdict()
  46. trigger_vote can still break the map
  47. Bug de Resolucion
  48. Can't revert rendering method, view please!
  49. Problems running bm_sts dedicated.
  50. Cockroaches on Stadium4 count towards the total monster count
  51. SteamCloud size
  52. sv_downloadurl problems
  53. SvenDS setmaster problem
  54. Disconnect error
  55. [5.0] FindHLDirectory, Opposing Force and Blue Shift Errors
  56. What happens when server/clients map .res files differ?
  57. amx_kick not works with Metamod for SC 5.0
  58. displacer shoot turret bug
  59. Some keybinds reset every time I open the game
  60. [Help]Game Crashes with no alerts.
  61. Grunts using wrong weapon model
  62. drop
  63. The server is made every time a LAN server.
  64. Strange rendering issue
  65. FMOD Ex error code 51
  66. spraypaint (minor) cl_logocolor
  67. Crash on They23
  68. Crash to desktop when shooting a snark nest
  69. Can't shutdown process svencoop.exe
  70. Dedicated Server [Linux] issues with the Standalone Version
  71. Theres not much Maps on Sven Co-op 5.0!
  72. Freezing/stutter whilst playing
  73. Bug report Hammer Editor from Sven Coop 5.0 SDK
  74. Donation Issue!
  75. admins.txt & map "deluge_beta_v3"
  76. Problem to add Blue Shift and Opposing Force to Sven Co-op
  77. Osprey is being a short map.
  78. For God Sake "Update This Game!"
  79. Sound Cuts Out ONLY during Sven-Coop
  80. [Massive bug] Ichthyosaurs don't attack, even when attacked
  81. Mapcycle / nextmap / timelimit_empty behaviour
  82. Vote menu annoyance
  83. sv_downloadurl pretty slow randomly
  84. FPS problem?
  85. scandir failed:/home/srcds/sc5/./svencoop_hd/logs/Angelscript
  86. [5.0] What happened to hornet gun in HL maps?
  87. There should be Low Definition option in game.
  88. Toonrun1 not solid part bug.
  89. Emberassing bug on HL Campaign.
  90. Barney won't open doors "sorry mr freeman but/w/o suit ur fukt"
  91. Is there any way to speedup file transfer speed server to client?
  92. Request: Rats do damage
  93. Problem: My large map overrides my cfg file? nosuit, weapon_displacer no longer work
  94. How do I make the weapon_displacer teleport people?
  95. SCDS Keep crashing.
  96. The half life dlcs blue shift, opposing force doesn't work.
  97. Dedicated Server not working after Pc crash
  98. Crate stuck bug on svencoop2
  99. Any way to log absolutely everything?
  100. MP3 Media Player shows 0 options.
  101. High ping/latency after dying
  102. File is too big to transfer.
  103. Crashing consistently on the map Crystal
  104. Game launches strangely
  105. [RAM Usage] 1.7gigs on AOMDC maps?!
  106. A bug on mommamesa
  107. How to disable idle timer?
  108. Epic crash to main menu
  109. How to install Blue shift HD pack?
  110. Is it possible to have Custom Models?
  111. Custom HUD/Crosshair Color Slider
  112. Suggestion: Add Menu Entry for HL training map
  113. Engine prone to crashing when going beyond 2048 entities.
  114. Can't save game
  115. Akimbo Uzi / Weapons bug
  116. bm_sts Bugs
  117. Displacer's tertiary attack has no "cooldown"
  118. Bug: Incomplete map - richard_boderman
  119. Windowless borderless freeze force close caused all keys to unbind
  120. Client Side Download Speeds SLOW
  121. Negative StrikeTime in env_beam causes horrible lags in multiplayer
  122. Option to disable muting of sound in background
  123. mp5 and other issues
  124. Fixed: Blue Shift and Opposing Force support broken
  125. Any way to keep keep weapons, ammo and health?
  126. I cant join on all servers
  127. ERRO ! in Game
  128. Possible Respawn bug
  129. A bug in intruder.
  130. Every server times out when joining
  131. Can't replace weapons/rocketfire1.wav
  132. Player grabs weapons dropped by npc even when full of ammo
  133. Question about grenades
  134. [READ FIRST] Frequently Asked Questions, MANY SOLUTIONS HERE!
  135. DLL Override
  136. Trigger_changelevel NOT WORKS!!
  137. Svencoop problem with latest update !!!
  138. Unofficial Angelscript does not load in 5.0.2
  139. SCDS Crashes Again..
  140. [MAP]Cannot lead scientists on polar_rescue (5.0.2)
  141. Gauss sound bug.
  142. [Minor] - M249 using default Opposing Force Sounds?
  143. 5.02: Bug in func_vehicle_custom prevents inclusion in scripts
  144. Crash problem in 5.0.2
  145. Crash on startup - 0x045ec560
  146. Half-Life 1 Music not being installed in 5.0 properly?
  147. Build 986278 does not work on Wine
  148. 'mapcycle.txt' overrides 'mapvote.cfg'
  149. hl_c13_a2 - Flow Wheels
  150. i have this error after update
  151. Opfor / BS installation does not work on Windows 8.1
  152. Player Management script is not working?
  153. hl_c04
  154. This is a bug? Server list in steam.
  155. HELP
  156. Not able to join my server anymore
  157. How to generate heap dumps
  158. Missing "hurtme" cheat
  159. Client does not download 0-byte MOTD .txt files
  160. Survival mode's "game over" can be nullified
  161. Gibs crash, i need help
  162. hl_c05_a2
  163. Bugs
  164. unpredictable bug kicks me out of the game
  165. I can not change the font and size of font in game.
  166. Bug animation? [Robo Grunt]
  167. Error with friendly npc, Don't Fade Corpse, Reviving
  168. Bug Report
  169. server 2 players?
  170. hl_c13_a4 bugged?
  171. Fast weapon switching broken
  172. Custom Models for maps not loading for own server/single player
  173. OSX
  174. Why directx is not avaiable on the new svencoop version?
  175. They21
  176. Ripent not ignoring comments
  177. Bug command, crash server
  178. 100% CPU server hang
  179. RCbot broken with sc5.0x, need help
  180. Bad client Message drops players
  181. Trouble!
  182. Cant see custom models from the list
  183. GlobalSoundList not working
  184. [Map] sc_robination
  185. HL_C11_A1: Sprite: no pSprite!!!
  186. item_inventory still in inventory between map restarts/loads when spawned.
  187. Sven-Coop wine buggy fonts
  188. Controller support
  189. Game crashes when someone explodes into particles
  190. Auto Bhop/jump spam
  191. problem
  192. (xpost from steam community) I can't start Sven Co-op: Failed to create SDL Window
  193. p_m16's attachment is broken
  194. desertcircle.cfg starthealth, startarmor, maxhealth, maxarmor not working?
  195. Adding shortcut to svencoop.exe in Steam doesn't work.
  196. Spawning custom weapons with trigger_createentity doesn't work properly.
  197. env_sprite frame drops
  198. hud_weaponautoswitch not working correctly
  199. [Networking] Improving the engine's networking system
  200. [Hammer] run game on compilation and compiler path issues
  201. 100% cpu hang on assaultmesa2-2
  202. Setting materials_file in Hammer does nothing
  203. Big open area map, multiplayer desyncs
  204. Map Crash
  205. hl_c11_a3 should be modified
  206. Donating via Transferwise
  207. Hgrunt unused head model
  208. Can't sound replace monster_scientist sentences when attacking them
  209. Linux server crash on legends_p05 after door to Creo opens
  210. Respawning in the middle of scientist revive causes crash.
  211. [Hammer] Vertex merging bug
  212. r_decals 0 causes client crash
  213. [Custom Weapons] Exhaustible weapons refer to temporary string for classname
  214. trigger_hurt and trigger_hurt_remote shake screen if dmg keyvalue = 0
  215. Possible invalid constant in the engine
  216. Glowshell bug with scientists glasses and gas mask hgrunt
  217. [Possible bug] Resolution switch on alt+tab (under wine)
  218. CCommand GetArgumentsString() behaviour
  219. Renaming entities in multi_manager causes crash consistently
  220. func_breakable health -1 is instant breakable with any weapon
  221. Killing ambient_generic doesn't stop the sound.
  222. [Weapon respawning] not all keyvalues are copied over
  223. [weaponbox] Tripmine world model
  224. [weaponbox] Can't give rockets
  225. Hammer make all windows controllable with the windows+arrows keys
  226. Official Linux Client Support
  227. Custom titles.txt
  228. SV_LAN 1 Class C Restriction
  229. Duplicates in default_sentences.txt
  230. "Advanced" sentences aren't being played properly.
  231. 50 Undo Levels undo then redo holding the hot key = boom
  232. Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Illegible server message - svc_bad
  233. [Requests] AngelScript functions
  234. func_breakable breakable by custom weapons
  235. The game doesn't start
  236. [IMPORTANT] Ping Issue
  237. Unable to switch with Exclusive Hold on default weapons after running out of ammo
  238. +cammousemove
  239. Classic HL weapons crashes server when used on PvP maps
  240. Hostname in console status bar?
  241. Duplicate keyvalues in svencoop.fgd
  242. Sound/Input lag when moving and shooting
  243. After reinstalling windows cant start ANY map
  244. Material replacement file & Material sounds not functioning
  245. Yet another they23.bsp bug report.
  246. Original Soundtracks for Opposing Force and Blue Shift Maps?
  247. 5.04 Linux Server: "napalm.mdl" & "gameversion" questions, comments
  248. Showing donor status and not a donor
  249. Forgot steam id on donation
  250. High memory usage