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blonde fox
28-09-2001, 11:09 AM
here are the mappers top 10 result!

1 - sc_city
2 - storage
3 - druga
4 - blastcorpse
5 - battlefeild
6 - osprey
7 - rush
8 - phobia
9 - sc_airbase
10 - sc_alley

I wanted sc_airbase to win....

Shadow Eliminator
29-09-2001, 01:46 PM
Durga?? Durga sucks! it becomes blocker infested and the area seems too samey/dark

29-09-2001, 03:27 PM
Geezwiz, how about Operation Retribution(if you want a specific map, how's opr1a6)or Grunts? These are my personal favs! Battlefield is so boring(get really really far away and use the hornet gun to shoot the big momma, that is DEFINITELY not my idea of fun).
Oh yeah, an Exhale map is pretty cool, like Exhale1platinum is good.

29-09-2001, 06:30 PM
You can't really make this accurate until you play grunts2, svencooprpg2, garghnt, burnout, and the other map being released into 2.0.


29-09-2001, 06:32 PM
Interesting. I don't even like the majority of those maps.

Space Cowboy
29-09-2001, 11:41 PM
strange...my maps up there!:D

[edited part] sc_alley
btw I used to go by vince but when they changed forums I changed to my original name before any one else could :D
[end edit]

01-10-2001, 05:41 AM
I love maps whit friendly human grunts

blonde fox
01-10-2001, 12:06 PM
dont blame me! I dont write this stuff!

01-10-2001, 05:55 PM
Who did?

Honking Donkey
13-10-2001, 05:50 PM
durga was fun but at the near ending where u fight the two gargs is a little abusive with the respawning part of sven coop. Why not just take out the garg?