View Full Version : Can someone gimme some help?

02-10-2001, 03:00 PM
I cant find the right textures for the inside of a vehicle, like the APC or the Osprey in this one map. forgot the name, but theres a garg down below, and everyone jumps out of a hovering osprey in the air into water to kill it. Has a jeep on a track.
or the chopper ride texture on the chinook

03-10-2001, 10:05 AM
For the APC, search for the textures in the HL.wad starting with brd ... BRD standing for BRADLEY.. the actual name of the APC in real life!

For the osprey texture.. well its a model!
If you made your own out of WC brushes, open the osprey.mdl and export the textures from the model and put them in a .wad!

Space Cowboy
03-10-2001, 05:59 PM
hey, I thought you couldn't open worldcraft?

03-10-2001, 10:27 PM
I meant the textures used in Garghunt4.
And I couldent, but I did some tweaking, and now it'll work.
Pressing a button or applying a brush or block tool to the grid is still dangerous, so gotta save before doing it. Eventualy it'll work :)
But it's VERY slow going. In six days, I've manage to make a two-story floating green corrugated metal box with a wedge chopped off it, and a metal plate dividing the stories.
Next up: a cockpit :)