View Full Version : Mapping for clan

14-10-2001, 01:31 AM
:confused: HOW DO I MAP?! i need to know plz! i cant get worldcraft 2.0 off my CD cause i cant find it and i dont get how to use WorldCraft 3.3!

Rune "Viking"
22-10-2001, 03:50 PM
If you are mapping for a clan you have started/are in, isnt it allitlle late to start now?Unless you have patient members? :D

do like this and click the square and draw a box, right klick create, hollow itout . put info_player_start & light enitity in there and compile.... easy huh? Now you got a shiny box, did you understand that? lol kidding im just writing this caus im too damn tired, to go to sleep :)

If youre looking for tutorials go to : http://www.valve-erc.com they can prob. help you better than me, caus I just babble .... see there I go again... and again... Znoooooooooorreeee