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15-06-2003, 09:23 PM
Whom ever has been to the Largest Community Meeting, it was on the ([Solar Eclipse]) server.

NOTE: Solar Eclipse server machine and server has been formated and installed to its original OS. Gameplay is a LOT better now.

Aswell, the server is also backed up and is protected.


GeForce2 For Sale by Server!!

Hardware Name: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200
Cost: 80$
Shipping: Free
Condition: Good
Owner: ([Solar Eclipse]) server
Why selling: Won't work in Solar Eclipse server machine because the Motherboard doesn't have something that is needed in/on the motherboard for it to work. <--Was told by an NVIDIA Tech Support dude.

What will the server do with the money you bought this for?
-Cooling System
-Video Card (that actually works)
-Harddrive (filestorage so I can copy to CD's and sell it as a "Sven Co-Op Filediskette.")
-CD Writer (gets bought with the harddrive.)
-Something that will help the server.


If you'd like to donate money or something that would improve the server, please get in touch with me at ssnet94@icqmail.com for instructions/help/etc.


If you want to 'connect' (the command) to the server, go to your console in sven coop and type "connect" (without the " ) to connect.

Server IP:
Server Port: 27015

Online 24/7.


Questions? Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? Email me at ssnet94@icqmail.com



Lord Booga
16-06-2003, 08:04 AM
You don't need the : at the end of the connect command.