View Full Version : Many Thanks!!

02-07-2003, 03:48 PM
lo sven co-op team and all supporters!

i just got the info of your mod and i think its so nice. good good luck with it.

the story i want to tell is the following:
i was just over at 3DRealms forums to explain them that they are definitively not smart not to include co-op or maybe even support a mod-group for it (duke4). i show up all the points why etc...

result was that some forum dudes just came up and told me that im stupid to ask if there's coop. i didnt ask anything though. only one guy told me this link.

well then joe siegler, forum master, just locked my topic and said simply that there's no co-op.....good community support 3DR!

Lets hope 3DRealms bancrupt won't be going 6 (+!) years. for my part im waiting for sven co-op :)