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12-09-2003, 08:49 PM
This revolution I might have just created, ISNT on abandoning Half-life nor Steam.

My opinion and such for steam is:
Steam is currently in its BETA version, so that doesnt really give you a right to say it sucks and everything. For one thing, its pretty useful actually. An example would be, starting any mod (Opossing Force for example) in Steam, then going to Console while playing, and typing in like ex. It would give you a correction list with everything that includes "ex" in the beginning. For sure, "exit" would be in the drop down list. That is really useful. There are some useful stuff in it. But the rest of steam is either Memory Eating, Buggy, Chuggyness, etc. But this is the BETA, so most of the bugs or all of the bugs you may have already found, have a 90% likelyhood of being fixed in the final version of Steam.

Steam is a really good idea. They should keep up the work and fixing bugs.

My Vote: 3/5

CTTT: None


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