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15-09-2003, 10:11 AM
Here's the Solution!

Step 1. Go to Steam\skins\

Step 2. Make a copy of the folder grey (or whatever skin you'd like to use) and make the name short, like small fonts or something.

Step 3. Go to *Skinname*\resource\ then open up TrackerScheme.res with notepad.

Step 4. Scroll down the file to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\FONTS\\\\\\\\\\\
Then look for the text "Engine Font"

Step 5. Replace every "Verdana Bold" with "Arial" (you may also want to experiment with this, by typing in a font of your choice)

Step 6. Save the file and change Skin in Steam Settings.

NOTE: I wouldnt advice you to change the size of the fonts if you use Arial. Using anything smaller than the defaults would make them almost unreadable.

By editing this file, it is possible to change the colors of steam. Though, I wont look into that in this thread, as it doesnt have anything to do with the fonts.

And for all you lazy people who are too lazy to simply edit the .res file, I have included an edited version of the skin 'Grey' which makes HL use Arial instead of Verdana Bold. Just make sure to rename it .res once it's downloaded.

If you because of some reason, like the green version of steam better than grey, then go ahead and edit that one's trackerscheme file instead. It's located inside the folder Resource in your Steam folder, not inside Skins.

Though, doing that, might only make the change temporary, and steam might automatically change it back again - so you may wanna create another folder inside Skins that says Default or something, and then a subfolder called Resource, and then put the file in there instead. I havent tested that, but it should work.

Now, go ahead and play HL or any of it's mods and enjoy the smaller fonts!

15-09-2003, 03:34 PM
yeah thanks for the infos...
i'm going to make my own skin in design of my website (similar to it)

15-09-2003, 04:01 PM
i made a bright red one and killed my eyes :(