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15-09-2003, 03:52 PM
Ok fine. I dumped QwertzWorld and I will now hold contests and events n stuff at hlrse.com. By the way, if you need a sponser, HLR can be a sponser. (HLR is my clan). Anyway, This is a SVEN COOP COMMUNITY WEBSITE! :) [Originally is a clan site, Ill fix this later].

Homepage: http://www.hlrse.com
Forum: http://www.hlrse.com/forum
Features: I am here to provide people what they've needed a long time ago. Free webhosting with unlimited webspace, that also includes your own SubForum with you as Moderator of your own forum. Yet, I also host EMAILS (unlimited forwarding too btw).

Currently Hosting
Websites :: 3
SubForums :: 2
Chats :: 2
Emails :: 3

Webmail can be accessed at http://www.hlrse.com/webmail/.

I want to make this a healthy and a good large community for Sven Coop. I am also looking for Moderators for some of my Subforums (eg. Map Showcase, Off-Topic, etc). But I will start hiring as soon as I get atleast 20 people and 2 posts per day ave.

**ADMINS/MODERATORS!! If this is spam, or useless, or crud, please contact me ASAP and I'll delete this thread if its a big problem**