View Full Version : BS:HD not happening in LAN games

28-12-2003, 09:54 PM
I only bother playing on LAN, and since installing SC3, have come across this problem.

I've selected the install the HD content. I even re-installed the BS:HD pack again afterwards. But it doesn't seem to work. Which means I have to endure the old weapon sounds, and tacky old models.

When running the HD content patcher for SC, it first comes up with a lot of "Files not found" entries. But then from "Archive: m_hidef.svn" it does as it supposed to do.

Could it be anything to do with my laziness, and just installing SC3 straight over 2.1? (And yes, the HD did work in 2.1). And since it's over LAN, not Steam, the copying of files wouldn't do anything would it?