View Full Version : closes after 3 secs of play

ace 42
30-12-2003, 11:16 AM
I dont have 3rd party software and im using WON i dont know what HLDS is no 1 else has this bug that i can see. I turn on the game and join any server and i join all the usual data goes up the console and when i finally join i can play and move for about 3secs before it freezes. A windows error message comes up (its 1 of those XP ones that asks you if you want to send report). Then the game closes and ive tried removing NS altogetther from my HL folder. Its is installed in the right dierectory and ive looked through manual and forums for help, but nothing of the kind.:(

P.S i want to play it soo much it looks amazing HELP HELP

from ace42