View Full Version : Joining/hosting by steam

g4s c4n
01-01-2004, 03:38 AM
So i go strait to problem ... when i want to join thru Steam "joining" progres STOPs on : "Prechaching Resources"
and NOT RESPOND. Also when i host a game "hosting" progres STOPs basicly on start ("Starting up Local Server")

Funny thing that SC works perfectly on WON (old way) and Ricoshete (on Steam) work in 100%. What the heck is wrong?! (i tryied to reinstal 5 times ... same thing ... waiting also shit ... program after "alt + ctrl + del" says "Not Respond" (in hosting and joining) ... Help! :confused:

(My friend from Poland also use thru Steam and they have NO problem <maybe something wrong on install operation>)