View Full Version : Outlook Problem

Mr. Satan
06-01-2004, 05:27 PM
This is a problem I had been ignoring for a long time. I typed this up a few months ago (when I got my new comp) and I'm too lazy to change it sooo...yeah.

I recently got a new computer (bye bye 350mhz piece of crap :P) and I got all my old personal files off of my old hard drives n stuff. I went setup my e-mail on outlook express (the EXACT same way I did when I had my old comp) but everytime it checked for new e-mails it ALWAYS prompted me for my password, I kept telling it to "Remember Password" in the account properties (I couldn't check the box when it prompted on Send/Recieve All cuz the option was completely grayed out). After a while I got very annoyed and decided to install Microsoft Office 2000 and try using the normal OUTLOOK but I ran into the same problem (except this time, I was able to check the "Remember Password" box when it prompted me on SEND/RECIEVE Mail).

I run WinXP, everything is updated, including my Microsoft Office 2000.

PLEASE HELP! This is sooooooooo annoying! x.x