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29-01-2004, 05:39 PM
I hope someone can help me with this - for some reason my player-model animations have gone awry. The model itself is 3.0 compatible (I recompiled it myself) and works fine on other servers; this only happens when I start my own game.

[edit#2 just occured to me that the demo might not show the error when played back since its not playing on my machine :( basically what happens is that the model waves the shotgun/mp5 around when firing and does crowbar moves with the 357. All sorts of other weird stuff too.]

I do use some custom stuff (models and sprites) but these haven't caused a problem upto today; its the first time this has happened.

I haven't (knowingly) altered anything such as configs in SC recently. I'm running a normal Steam install, nothing 3rd party.

Any ideas?? If it helps, here's a demo of the problem (edit - the demo needs to be played in thirdperson to work properly):

29-01-2004, 07:48 PM
In case anyone else gets this:

The problem was caused by me inadvertantly removing player.mdl from Svencoop\models folder. It seems a server references animations from this model.

When my server couldn't find player.mdl in the svencoop\models folder it defaulted to the one in Valve\models. Obviously that player.mdl wasn't animated for SC3.0 and so things got messed up. Dropping one of my other SC models into the correct folder and renaming to player.mdl fixed the problem.

Ironically, I had only taken some files out of this folder for safe-keeeping; somehow player.mdl got left behind when I returned them.