View Full Version : projectg7 "secret" possible bug...

30-01-2004, 04:21 PM
Ok, I won't spoil much, but I found the switch, and it doesn't seem to open what it's supposed to (I did ghost and looked around just to make sure the ground-door led to something), or am I in the wrong section? Maybe I just don't know what to do..... (btw, last thread - promise)


30-01-2004, 08:10 PM
Do not post this type of stuff in the Bug Reports forum.

30-01-2004, 08:14 PM
where do I post this instead?

02-02-2004, 10:50 AM
How about gameplay and strategy? Or perhaps general discussion.

If you are sure it's a bug and can find the original map thread in map showcase/best of map showcase then reply to it there. But DO NOT MAKE A NEW THREAD IN SHOWCASE. :p

Or just write an e-mail to the mapper/map author in common sense.