View Full Version : Slaughter Canyon gone again

10-11-2001, 11:58 PM
My map sc_canyon is really become more difficult than it should be. Everytime I think I get the bugs worked out, WC loses its mind and shrinks the texture selection dropdown to micro-thin or doesn't perform the "To Entity action even though I says it did. The monstermakes aren't working right at all and are spawning more monsters than they should. Sorry to anyone waiting for this map, but it just won't work. Even if WC would "let" me finish it, it would probably lag due to its a hoard type map and all those maps lag automatically.

Sorry guys, maybe I'll try again in the future, as for now, I think I will do something else with WC. Look for either a walkthrough map or lounge map. Don't be scared of that lounge map, it won't be a room with a prefab, it will be pretty good I think.