View Full Version : Just when you thought it was safe... (Steam problem)

Yaso Kuuhl
05-02-2004, 07:00 PM
All right, so after a hard day of studying I decided to pwn some zombies with my 1337 melee fighting skills, fired up steam and tried to get a game of SC running. This is what happened:

Steam has found the following problem with your game:
StemProcessCall(WaitForAppReadyToLaunch)(0xab0005,0x1bafc04, 0x1bafd0c) failed with error 15: Cache Read Failure, errno 13 "Permission denied"

The game data cache needs to be flushed in order to run.
Did you wish to do this now?

Both options (OK, Cancel) never lead anywhere, all they do is restarting steam... every time!

I am pretty much out of ideas (and yes, I DID search the forum ;)), so any help would be appreciated. :)

Purple Monkey
06-02-2004, 09:03 AM
Try deleting(or renaming) the cache from windows, steam should recreate it. Youll have to redownload/convert the cache tho.