View Full Version : D3D and Steam/HL update

22-02-2004, 06:24 AM
Is anyone else having problems with changing
from OpenGL to D3D with steam and/or the latest
HL update.

D3D works in WON. Not well, but it works.
D3D will not start in Steam at all, Steam tries
to revert to software mode and crashes. Hard.
Cold reboot is the only way out.

667Mhz, 256M ram, GeforceSTD, DSL.
Latest D3d drivers. Win98se.
No mods to SC.

OpenGL is running bad. Better than D3d.
Gets to be like a slideshow
on some maps. The same maps worked smooth
before the Steam/HL thing.

I hesitate to add SC3.0 into the mix...
My gut feeling is that it's the HL update...

Just trying to get some info out and see if
anyone else is having any of the same problems.


22-02-2004, 09:07 AM
erm D3D is the only sodding mode that will work for me although i get 20fps, but this has been caused by some balls uped driver installations that went horribly wrong (and i need to f+r the bitch but cba)