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22-08-2001, 03:04 PM
I made a dodo_garghunt map but it aint completely finished yet. im still testing it in some servers to see what people think about it and if things need to be changed. it needs some stuff in it too.Im putting the zip file here for people can download it and see it for themselves without needing to download it from a server.

22-08-2001, 03:34 PM
ok ive just tried your map dodo and i have some good things to say and some bad things but first the good
the map has a very nice design to it with the small strutures for waepons and for hiding and the cave with the houneyes.
Adding the train is another good feature it really pissed the gargs as he cant chase you
but hear comes the bad part upon instanly starting the map i was imediatly struck with lag and i was doing it over a lan i would hate to see a 56k'er play it on a server my suggestions for fixing this horrible lag are as folows remove the nice flying bats they proberly added there hand in to producing lag alos the freindly grunts also could be removed they dont often throw grenadeds so there not that useful and they again cause lag. also as a last resort u could remove the train im sure that causes lag to.
A few more weapons might be nice as there arent that many on the map.
Also i think the map could do with a larger spawnpoint althogh i was playing on my own i could guess that there would be telefragging
once the lag is fixed i think it will be a very nice map

22-08-2001, 09:38 PM
i updated the zip file of my map because i updated my map (i only deleted the birds please tell me if its still laggy}

23-08-2001, 12:48 PM
nope dodo its still to lagggy
removeing the flying thing did decrease the lag but not enough remove the grunts now and if its still there remove the train and if its still present theres only one alternative reduce the size of the area where the garg roams its so big that it will cause lag