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23-07-2004, 07:17 PM
How to make a ladder?

The most asked question of all mapping issues, and its so simple anyone can make one, remember to make this a prefab once youve done with so that you have a backup of the original.

(1) Make a block with the following dimensions:-

32 units wide
120 units high (Height)
4 units thick (depth)

(2) Make a copy of this block and place it a side for now.

(3) Apply the ladder texture you want, then make the block into an func_wall now set these properties:-

Render Fx = Normal
Render Mode = Solid
Fx Amount = 255

(4) Now with the other block apply the AAA texture to it and place it infront of the ladder texture, now make this block a func_ladder


To make a non texture based ladder simply make your ladder and texture it accordingly from above, then make a copy of it etc. Also you can place a clip brush of the same size and place it between the illusion brush and the func_ladder and set the ladder texture block as a func_illusionary, this enables player to shoot through the ladder at certain points.

23-07-2004, 07:51 PM
These tutorials are made available because my site is going down soon. So I thought instead of deleting them, I can make use of them here for begining mappers. I Hope you find these tutorials useful.


24-07-2004, 01:58 AM
I prefer making the func_ladder brush a bit narrower and lower than the func_wall brush is, so the ladder won't bug on the top and players can't climb on the sides of it. However, this makes it a bit harder for the players to catch the ladder when trying to go down using it.