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23-07-2004, 07:31 PM
Where to start?

Please note that this workshop is designed for Sven coop mod or single player based theme maps and most of the processes involved in the design for other modification's aren't necessary for creation of those map types


So what about inspiration, to be inspired by something is when some idea/person or concept grips you and you cant let go of it,

so where does inpiration come from in relation to mapping?

Well look around where you are, in your neighbourhood at a park, at the cinema, a favourite film you watch, a place you often visit, a war zone area on the news. There is lots of inspiration out there, even look at some other games and try making a theme based on the same sort of thing. To be inspired is to go out and find it first, don't just sit at home expecting ideas to come, I most of the time receive ideas when I'm on a bus travelling to work looking out of the window watching adverts and shop signs, or when my mind goes into sci-fi mode when star treks on or some other sci-fi film.

There is so much out there that can help you come up with an idea, just don't go over board.

Purpose or mission statement


Generally your starting point is architecture, architecture is the main content of your maps, and this defines what scene and setting your map will be e.g:-

Town alleys
Car parks
Signs and post
Abandoned warehouses
Train stations
Army barracks

This list is simply endless, architecture is all around us, for instance the door and window panels in your house and the edges of walls, trims and decorations in your living room. This is archtecture, I know of one guy that made a map based on his entire appartment, and some have made maps of there own villages and places of work etc...

So what has this to do with mapping?

It has alot to do with mapping, just look at some of other peoples maps, and you will see diferent forms of architecture ie. Alcoves, Trims, Embeded trims, Pipes, Crossings, (btw: There will be tutorials on types of archtecture to learn about!)

Other forms of inpiration come from concepts, concepts are in definition terms :-

[A general idea or notion that corresponds to someclass of entities and that consists of the characteristic or essential features of the class]

In other words it means an idea based upon a :-

Item etc.

This could be anything that relates to you or perhaps just a general need to express things like art does. My maps were inspired by Super mario and Zelda, I simply thought of a concept and that sprung to mind then I drew alot of designs and looked at the Mario game levels and things developed from there. The thing to remember is that things dont always come at once, sometimes ideas gradually develop over time.

Purpose or Mission statement

This is another sort of inpiration, basically it means :-

1. What is the purpose of your map and what does it convey to a player?
2. What is this map about and what category does it come under?
3. What do i want to communicate to the player and how does the map communicate its own function?

Lets look closely at these, basically you have a map, but you need a purpose for playing it, like :-

what is the map about?
What does the player need to do?
What are the main goals?
What is the storyline
Where is the map set in

There are lots of queries I could set here but the main thing is to think about how your map will interest others to play it, some people just design there own objectives, but its important to look at the desires of the mapping community before barging in and making maps of your own interest, a balance of this is fine but if you dont keep the players happy then your maps will simply be boring.

23-07-2004, 07:49 PM
These tutorials are made available because my site is going down soon. So I thought instead of deleting them, I can make use of them here for begining mappers. I Hope you find these tutorials useful.


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Thanks a lot, that's handy.