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30-12-2004, 12:57 PM
Sven Co-op Central is currently undertaking preperations for a CreepsWorld Map Pack type of vote, although not the same the community has not had a vote on the scale of the Creepsworld Map Pack for over two years.

Please Nominate your Favourite Maps for the Map Pack in this thread. We will hold a series of votes to decide the Top 100/50/25 Maps to go in to the Map Pack.
We don't want this map pack to conflict with existing map packs, we will be excluding maps that are from the official map packs and the Creepsworld Map Pack (unless they have been updated to a newer version). This is not meant to take offence as these packs are still highly regarded as essential downloads.

At the moment we are undecided whether or not to only include newer maps from the past two years, the vote for this is currently taking place at SCC.

Current Rules:
No EntMaps
No Nominating Maps already included in Sven Coop (I don't see the point of nominating maps everyone already has)
No Nominating Maps that are not yet released to the public (e.g the Community Map Pack, released stable betas are allowed)
Make sure someone has a copy we can obtain of the map (unless we are already hosting it).
Not all maps may be added, for example if a mapper decides they do not want the map included they are entitled to pull their map out of the vote.
Map Authors may only nominate one map created by themselves.

Nominations will close Monday 31st of January 2005.

After the Nominations we will have a series of votes to determine which maps go in and which are out, when voting we will allow one vote only. You may also comment on the map you have voted or remain anonymous, we WILL be monitoring for Rigging or Cheating of votes.

The point of this pack: The SCC Map Pack came about because it's been over two years since the last competition was done, we would like to promote what the community thinks is the best set of maps.

SCC Forum Link: http://www.svencoopcentral.com/forum_viewtopic.php?4.89