View Full Version : Feature request (Its already done!)

23-12-2001, 03:55 AM
I would really like to see a sk_barnacle_health cvar for use in the skill.cfg file, for 25 hp is not ~nearly~ enough on my server. Every other monster has a skill entry, why not the ol' barnacle?

All that needs to be done is what follows. Hey, it looks like the other stuff, should work.

In gamerules.cpp, add this:

// Barnacle
gSkillData.BarnacleHealth = GetSkillCvar( "sk_barnacle_health" );

In game.cpp, add this:

// Barnacle

cvar_t sk_barnacle_health1 = ("sk_barnacle_health1","0");
cvar_t sk_barnacle_health2 = ("sk_barnacle_health2","0");
cvar_t sk_barnacle_health3 = ("sk_barnacle_health3","0");

In barnacle.cpp, change this...

pev->health = 25

to this...

pev->health = gSkillData.BarnacleHealth;

15-09-2002, 11:57 PM
I guess the team didn't see this...
Sorry for reviving the long dead thread, but as he says, its already done.