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Bran's Freestyle
29-12-2001, 12:02 AM
I run a normal windows server and everything is fine, except whenver people join they play for a small amount of time and the get dropped from the server. Everyone who is on it gets dropped and I don't know if they all get this message but some of them get a long overflow message. Do any of you server ops out there know whats going on?

Here's a pic of the overflow message that you get when your dropped, its attached...

I also get a TON of messages in the server console, they all look like this:

d addressL 053363311 - tons of those
ce: overflow on SVC_RuleInfo - more of those

They seem to just keep comming when people are connected, and also come out when people are not connected.

29-12-2001, 12:15 AM
Reason: Linksys is focused on the LOOKS of the router, Not the preformance, Same thing for all their other shit. If you would like for me to dig up my very long rant on why the router does this, and other cheep routers that are much better anywyas, and links to where you can get them online, I will do so. It's about 5000 characters, (probably more, Actually it was around 9000, I remember I had to cut out a bit to make it FIT in the allowed ammount of characters
anyways, Seriously, THERE IS NO FIX FOR THAT PROBLEM. some people have it with linksys routers, Some dont.
You can try getting a firmware upgrade, But all that does is introduce ANOTHER problem. Yes, The upgrade makes it worse! (in some cases, it fixes the origional one, but a new problem comes up that is unfixable, other cases, such as mine, it just introduced a new problem, and in rare cases, it just fixed it)

Now, SERIOUSLY. GET RID OF IT. Sell it on ebay or somthing, contact me and I can give you a very nice HTML layout for it, all you gotta do it take some pics and change things around a bit to fit your specifications [IE: dont do free shipping :p) http://www.bob-o-buds.com/ebay/ (http://www.bob-o-buds.com/ebay/)
reply back if you want more info or me to dig up that post, I will probably dig it up anyways, it's on the adminmod forums somewhere too...
(note: svc_ruleinfo happens with a router, or without, Hell, even if the computer isn't connected to the internet it will happen, it's a 2.0 bugtesting error message, Just ignore it, it's basicly console spam you can't shut off)

29-12-2001, 12:24 AM
direct copy from adminmod fourms of my post. it goes unedited and as follows (mods, dont smack me cause it's so frigging huge):
OK, even though I only posted 19 times, That doesn’t mean I’m an idiot... it means I don't post a lot.... I wrote this because i have so many people asking me what is wrong with their server and don’t even mention the fact they have a router (let alone mention it's Linksys) I'm a novice networker, make my own cables, manage servers, run a .com, build computers, know some programming languages, write and modify admin mod script plugins, and just generally act like your average computer nerd\geek\AdDiCT\genus\god whatever you want to call me.
ANYWAYS On with the definite answer to fix your server problems from first hand experience.

I’ve had a Linksys router. It was the best of the best. The wireless 4 port etherfast cable\dsl router. This puppy was 250$.
I've had the SAME problems as you did. I updated the firmware, the drop problem didn't fix AND it also added that error you started to get. I monkied with it and monkied with it for hours and hours, Tried DMZ instead of port forward, tried no DHCP. ANSOLUTELY NOTHING FIXED MY PROBLEM. Trust me, I spent countless hours trying to get it to run. Also, A few days after I set up the router initially, I found out that the wireless WILL NOT work though ONE half inch plaster wall. And that it doesn’t even perform up to it's maximum indoor range for the wireless. Even with absolutely zero obstructions it didn't even go 60 feet. Now, back to the subject of the servers.
My friend has a normal 4 port Linksys router. He has trouble with it constantly and cant even GET port forwarding on it to work.
My suggestion to ALL Linksys users out there that have ANY kind of trouble with their router is to GET A D-LINK. You can try a Netgear router but I haven’t tried those so i cant say anything about those, but I’m not saying they don’t work....
Now, I now use a DLink 4 port router. Model number DI-704. You can see it on DLink's page HERE:
You can get the 1 port and hook up a hub (PREFERABLY A SWITCH) to it but that might add a couple MS of ping but not too noticeable. (not bad if you are tight on money, I’m talking a 1-5 MS ping increase, unnoticeable but if you are a speed freak go ahead and get 4 port router and skip the hub\switch)

If you don’t want to get a dlink\netgear and just don’t want to get rid of your Linksys, Fine, be stuck with a router that doesn’t do what you want it to do. I'm telling you FIRST HAND that this D link works perfectly. No errors at all. It hasn't messed up since I set it up and it's been constantly routing a 12 person server for about a month. Now, as you might think that Linksys is the best networking stuff. Maby so (their network cards work fine), but from my experience with ALL Linksys routers, they seem to mess up a lot. The router I had EVEN SCRAMBLED DATA. see for yourself
NOTE: that IP in that pic was my old one, new IP is at bottom of post.)
Now, the DLink may not look all that cool.. The 1 port DLink router looks like an IMac's ass.... and I’m not sure if it works as well as the 4 port but it *should do just fine*.

Now, the DLink 4 port is 119$ I suggest you sell your Linksys and get a DLink.
If you want to see how good the DLink is, go here (SVEN COOP!!! you have to download the mod SvenCoop and besides, the mod is SUPER FUN)
Now to make sure your router doesn’t make the server seem crappy, do a direct patch to your computer.. (IE: set up your computer to go directly to the modem)

I hope this helps you out because i had to go through this situation all alone in the dark by myself.
Here are some links and other info to help any of you out.

Dlink's Routers
netgear's routers (I recommend the RT311 or RT314 if you do go with them)

Skylink 8 port switch, Simply the best switch for your money.. 2MB dram.. most switches have like 512K or 1MB As you can see

Changing the port wont lag your server. It only changes the port at which the server communicates to clients. port 27016 will be just as latent as port 27015. *It's the same thing.* All the port is is a little hole where programs can openly talk to the internet... for all I care (and half-life, and the router cares), you can set the port to 7903 if you want to. I've seen a server at port 6409 or somthing and it didn't lag one bit.. because the port does not matter.
I think what Halogen was trying to say is playing on the same computer that is hosting the dedicated server will lag... Which is true, but the port has nothing to do with lag. Playing on the same machine that is hosting a dedicated server WILL... changing the port just allows you to do that (and also is a way to host multiple servers, use different ports)

Now, to find your IP, DONT USE THE CONSOLE.... Use the IP that your ISP gave you. That is the IP to connect to. My server's IP is The internal ip for my server is (this isn't the real one but I’m giving you an example just to protect my network) 83.653.25.2. And when I type 'status' into the HLDS console, it will report the server's INTNERAL IP, NOT THE EXTERNAL IP. So, don’t use your internal IP because that is pointless and will NOT work. (unless you want a lower ping when connecting to the server on your network, Then the internal IP will work since both the server and the client are on the same network, and it DOES give you a lower ping and is basically like adding only half of a player to the server when you connect since you aren’t connected to the server through the modem, it's connected through the router, which saves a bit of bandwidth)

Don’t run windows 98! that's possibly the worst supported Os to use!!!! Get windows 2K or Linux (I doubt you have time to learn Linux and neither do I but Linux IS the best for hosting servers and doing many cpu and memory intensive tasks, such as running a server) Windows Millennium is okay, but it crashes a lot and could cause the server to be unstable... Windows 2000 is based on NT, which is BUILT FOR networking. NT4, I admit, was flawed but windows 200 is literally NT5 with all the bugs fixed. Windows 2000 also has better networking and network security. Since your server is going to be exposed 24/7 or whenever you choose to run it, It's better to have a OS that is built for networking and security than an OS that just has networking as a *feature*.

*My server crashed and I'm not there, Oh no!*
Now, if your server crashes and you arnt there... Who's going to turn it back on for ya? Well, my server runs a prog called Server Doc.... It checks each second if a selected program is running and if it isn't, it automatically restarts it with the command line options you choose.(just like DOS.. +maxplayers 16 -game svencoop etc) ICQ me if you want it.. it's COOL.. but i wont help you set it up.. It's easy, but if you spend 5 minuetes with it, you’ll get it to do everything it can do.
*how do i know how much bandwidth I’m using?*
Well, there’s this little program called sysmeter. I made a skin for it which docks to the top of the screen. Most skins are made to look pretty with graphics, I made my simple as hell and INFOMRATIVE. The important features of my skin are it shows you CPU usage%, ram usage%, swap sausage %, drive C free space, network speed outbound, network speed inbound, TCP\IP connections, and how many hours: minutes the computer has been on for(uptime). Now, if you want it, ICQ me
23955151 it's really sweet... I might post it on my website sometime...
*SV_LAN 1.. yeah*
Yes, sv_lan will totally remove your server from the list at WON... So, unless you are hosting a LAN party, don’t set it to 1... It defaults to 0 unless you go into half-life and set up a server using those menus and set it for a LAN game... So, don’t worry too much about that... To correct what halogen said, It's probably your router fire walling WON or clients or something from reaching you when they ping your server... not sv_lan since that defaults to 0

*port forwarding*
This is the same as DMZ except it limits DMZ to one specific port. Do the same thing for you DLink or Netgear as you would for your Linksys.. I use UDP\TCP instead of TCP because for some reason, my other node I have hooked up to the router doesn’t like to use UDP... weird but true... (my laptop is totally retarded)

That's all the server tidbits I feel like talking about.. If you have a question you want to ask about servers, ask away. But, I will NOT answer questions about the following: admindmod, hacking, mapping, or scripting. I don’t have time to answer those questions.

This Post Intenededed to Have Many Many Mispellings...
This post is 8982 characters long. Just in case you really really want to know....

29-12-2001, 10:40 AM
me that sh*it in german *lol*
wahh is that long.. I dont know the most words aww

Have that problem too.. :(
And a other too with Can't find adress xxx :(

The best way is u make a fix @bob-o ;)
So we all can download it :p

Mr. Chris
29-12-2001, 05:13 PM
Doesn't seem to fix my non-dedicated server I sometimes run with friends (e.g Friendly Garg, Turrican)

29-12-2001, 06:45 PM
Shit bob, that sucks. Ill keep that in mind when choosing a dsl router.

Just a minor nitpick, Win2k = NT5, they are the same thing.

08-01-2002, 04:58 PM
yep.. same thing
If you have the cash, Get a cysco.. you can't go wrong with them... (unless you dont want to spend the time to set that mother up...)
I'm sure netgear is fine too for routers, Linksys just sucks, all there is to it. about anything else will preform better than that. :)