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Yaso Kuuhl
29-12-2001, 01:51 PM
I simply don´t get ADMIN-MOD to work with Sven-Coop. I allready have read everything in the "To make adminmod work with 2.0"-Thread but people state that they experience problems (server crashes after 30 minutes etc).

I really looked everywhere but simply cannot find any good instruction for installing it. :(

... Could somebody help me please? :) I really need that tool. :o

29-12-2001, 09:14 PM
Well to start, if you have installed it, and used Wargasmos dll, specified the correct dir and cfg files, then it should work. You say it ran for 30 mins then crashed. Did the admin mod comands work for this 30 mins??? If they did then its working, THATS IT!!! The crashing problem most proberly is something else. The only problem admin mod has or HAD(untill the new dll) was lack of support for the new entities.

SC2 is not fully rid of bugs yet, but it is a beta release!!! A quick fix untill its more stable is to use serverdoc to restart the program.

29-12-2001, 11:45 PM
mrmagic, mine crashes.. well.. RANDOMLY...
does yourse carash and serverdoc refuses to realize it has crashed? (actually it hasent been closed by windows yet but same friggin thing)
It's the exact same filestructure as before, i'm using the new dll and the beta dll that adminmod had, and it still crashes

if yours dosent crash, what version are you using?

30-12-2001, 07:53 AM
Hi Bob,
yes mine does still crash, can vary between 5 mins and 1 day. but it crashed when i wasnt running adminmod, and yes its the same error as you guys, the cant reference memory error and serverdoc wont restart cause its waiting for a "ok"

Like I say i assume its SC2 cause it happened without adminmod

02-01-2002, 03:38 PM
it also NEVER happened with 1.9...
it always crashed, then restarted...
http://www.bob-o-buds.com/crap/crash.jpg (http://www.bob-o-buds.com/crap/crash.jpg) that just happened to be after I alraedy clicked ok, server restarts (port is still beiung "used" by the program and you gotta wait 5 mins for it to reopen, so you get the UDP_OpenSocket screwup untill port is reopend)
Funny thing is, The memory thing happened again....
So this is a BIG PROBLEM YOU NEED TO PATCH SOON. Not just a.. oh wait till 2.0 final.. PATCH THIS PROBLEM and whatever problems you have arleady fixed, And release an updated server.dll!!!
Hell, I just now got an ICQ from a friend asking why adminmod wont work... I wasent even near the subject of servers or svencoop at all and he askes me that
IE: this is a problem. I beleve you guys oughta at a very least release a simple server dll.. If you want, I'l host it and you can post a URL on the news and have everyone slam MY webserver if you want...