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21-04-2006, 07:43 PM
This was bothering me a long time, so I finally tested it. I made a small map with platforms of different heights to see where the tentacles were hitting. Finally I managed to make them hit the platforms and nothing else (they were hitting inside walls and floors).

The heights on which the tentacles hit are listed here, 0 meaning the position of the tentacle entity:

448 (256+192)
640 (256+192+192)

Dunno if they can hit even higher, but I guess not.


Make sure the platforms are thin enough so the tentacles won't hit their heads through them when hitting lower platforms.

The platforms don't need to do a full circle. Just make sure to set the Sweep Arc key of the monster_tentacle to a suitable value.

You really do need all the platforms, at least starting from the bottom. If you just put walls there, the tentacles will hit inside them. If you don't use the highest platforms, they might sometimes hit in the air, but not sure about that.

I believe the tentacles can hit through clip brushes too, so you can block players from getting to the tentacles with them if you want.

I tried using nodes (air and ground). They ignored them all.

Anyway, in this zip there are eek_tentacles.bsp, eek_tentacles.cfg and eek_tentacles.rmf.
eek_tentacles.zip (http://a1win.loota.fi/files/hammer/eek_tentacles.zip) (83 kB)

The map is just a simple building with the platforms, a fall back to spawn (with some water to soften the fall), some medkits and grenades (to lure the tentacles). If you stay near the walls the tentacles can't (or didn't seem to be able to) hit you. Textures suck but let's blame the time, it's 4 AM here.

Took a screenshot too, don't feel like sleeping yet: eek_tentacles0001.jpg (http://a1win.loota.fi/ss/half-life/svencoop/eek_tentacles0001.jpg)

I wish to see some tentacles in the future maps ^^

21-04-2006, 08:58 PM
I've always wondered why Tents operate so screwy; it'd be nice if there were specific info_nodes that they would specifically whack, but this explains how they work quite nicely :)

23-04-2006, 03:02 AM
Explains alot! Apparently one needs to build a room around the tentacle rather than trying to just add it in, cool!