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08-01-2002, 11:38 PM
Ok i prolly know the answer to this question but: Cable or DSL for a server,i know that DSL is constant,but Cable is faster MOST of the time... (Course i could just get OC-3 or somthing,but that is a bit expensive lol)


09-01-2002, 01:53 AM
DSL. be sure to get a faster speed than normal
Cable is shared by EVERYONE in your neighborhood... so if jimmy across the street is downloading porno movies and warez programs, and tilly is running a CS server, your speed is going to be darasticly lower and the pings wont be too hot either.

typically, most cable providors use weird networking arrangements for their convenience and not for speed. Sure the downlaods go fast, thats because you have this whopping huge line coming to your computer and the network settings are to slam the data down the line as fast as it can, and in some cases, not nessicarly in order, which is a nightmare for online gaming, as you can guess. (that's only in some cases)
anyways, to the point: cable is a shared connection, DSL is not. cable is just like splitting a water hose with friends, you can get the same size pipe coming to you, but they all hook into one pipe that is dealing out the water. with DSL, you get your own, unshared pipe for yourself, so people in your neghborhood wont slow you down.

As with any home ISP, the connection is shared at one point, (the major internet backbone at the main offices) but that dosent matter since the ISP should always have plenty of room for expansion. (if the ISP dosent, then your using AOL) so, with any internet connection you get, you are sharing it with somone at some point, but you wont notice since its usually 2X the bandwidth they use on avrage at one time. (unless you start your own internet backbone, were talking billions of $ to do that, forget it.)

IE: cable, you share at 2 points, 2nd point with your neighbors, and that's BAD.
DSL: shared at 1 point, main offices and you wont notice anything.

Also, with most major calbe providors, their contact states that you are not allowed to run servers. That's BAD. but cable users usualy have a 56K, 128K or 256K upload cap. (IE: you are limited to upload at 56K, 128K, or 256K) That's bad for gaming servers since you are the one that is going to serve out all the bandwidth. Sure, you need good download bandwidth, which in some cases, is either uncapped or capped at a high rate. (1MBPS, 1.5 MBPS) Most cable setups (in US) are run at 1000K download (1Mbps), 128K upload.

For a server, you need more upload than downlaod. If you can get SDSL (symetrical DSL, which means you can upload as fast as you can download) that will be a good and ideal solution for you. but read ahead, some problems with DSL that if you are set up for it, DSL will be a nightmare...

DSL works well only withen a certain range from the main telephone offices. so if you live far away from the main offices, DSL is going to provide crappy preformance, while cable will work just fine. Me, I have 768K SDSL and I live around half a mile from the main offices (my dad's office network uses the same SDSL and lives across the friggin street from it...) Typically you dont want to live much further than a mile away, if you do, expect fairly degraded preformance.

As for consistancy, yes, cable will vary on the maximum speed you can acheive because the other people in your neighborhood use the same line, but remember, unless you have very special cable, you wont be able to host more than 4-6 people without a very very high ping due to upload speed restrictions. 128K is exactly 8.8X the speed of a 56K's upload speeed, and with a 56K, you can host half a player without horrable lag (only factoring in the bandwidth)
so, about 4-5 players, 6 if your lucky. if you have a 256K cap, you can host about 5-9 players, depending on latency(lag) issues.

All in all, DSL is better for things that need a constant datastream, such as servers. but if you cant get it or the upload speed is capped low on it, you might be better off with cable, but if cable has a slower upload speed, or many people in your area use cable, your server's not going to run well on that either.
I hope that made sense :P