View Full Version : Entmod and Entcraft + .res?

Metroid Fan 94
14-07-2008, 06:59 AM
Weird title yes, I have a few things. First, I have 2 plugins, a metamod plugin called entmod and a plugin that isn't metamod or amxmodx, it's just something called entcraft. I couldn't find it on the internet so I had to have a friend give it to me. Some of you may have heard of entcraft, so that would be a big help. The reason I run both is that if you have entcraft, and you use entmod to make a monster with an invalid model name, it will not crash the server. Instead it forms a deranged soccer ball. The other reason I want to run entcraft is so I can edit things like multi_managers and env_lasers which you can't edit with entmod. The problem is this: If I use entcraft to edit the properties of something, things start going wrong. First, entmod stops working except for noclip and the entmover. Then, when map changes, you spawn inside of the space between rooms, and you can't noclip, so you have to shut down server and start it back up. By the way, here is the link my friend gave me for the download of entcraft: http://rs348l32.rapidshare.com/files/129497301/1980338/entcraftwithmetamod.rar Although, it has me and my friends as entcraft admins so if you wanna use that then you might wanna take us out lol...

Okay, I think that covers the entcraft part. The next part is the ".res?" I don't know much about it, but I know if you edit the .res file of the map, then you can have people download stuff from your server. Instead of the default entmover model, I renamed the Natural Selection welder to phaser in my entmod folder. It works fine, I can use the Natural Selection welder as my entmover. However, I want other people on my server also to use the welder (and I don't mean like looking at people and seeing the p_phaser.mdl, I actually want other people on my server to see the welder instead of the phaser). I tried putting addons/entmod/models/p_phaser.mdl and v_phaser.mdl in the map's .res, but I think that it doesn't overwrite files people already have. So how can I get other people on my server to have the welder model instead of the phaser model for the entmover?

By the way, I figured the .res thing would fit into the Sven Co-op forums, but I can't even find entcraft for download on google, so I doubt there would be any forums for it. It also doesn't run off of metamod, so I can't use those forums...