View Full Version : At Wits End

21-08-2008, 03:44 PM

Tried a multitude of different ways to get Sven Co-op to work over our lan

-Port Forwarding
-Firewall settings (software based such as avg)
-HLSP downloads to assist with steam based Half Life
-Direct Connect to each other IP
-sv_lan / region / heartbeat

Also this is the same for Half Life itself, so I am unsure as to whether it is something being blocked or otherwise however running a dedicated HL server allows both myself and my housemate to join yet there is no option for me to run an Sven Co-op DS - or I just dont know how to.

To help with diagnosis I am running Vista 64bit SP1 (10 bucks says its vista's fault) Quadcore 6600 2gig ram 8800 GTS 640mb

Any help at all would be appreciated, as I say I am at wits end here



22-08-2008, 10:21 AM
I tried to run one the other day and found that sv_lan was disabled even though I started a lan game. Might make sure the lan setting is on. I'm sure you've tried shutting down both steam applications entirely to make sure they're both updated to the same thing, but that's another thing that's kept games from showing up. We've had quite a few vista computers on our network before and it's never been a problem for us with the exception of a few games where Vista's network throttling made games lag out after a while. You've turned windows firewall all the way off, right (i guess you can do that in vista)? That's another thing that tends to screw it up. We gave up adjusting it and just turned it off. Like it's gonna protect us anyway. Only other generic advice I can think of is to make sure the router firmware is up to date. Old firmware made our network suck for years before I thought to do that.

That's pretty much all the stuff I'd know to try before calling a tech in. I only really retain the kind of computer knowledge used to make purchasing decisions, never been an awesome troubleshooter.