View Full Version : What makes a 'Best of Map Showcase' Map

Mad Gonesy
23-01-2002, 07:13 PM
This is the Best of Map Showcase (BOMS) forum. The purpose of this showcase is to separate the best maps from the regular showcase so that they will receive better recognition. Use these maps as an example of what an excellent map actually is.

You may still post replies and comments in this forum, but no new topics may be created. If you have any mapping related things to post, post it in Sven Co-op Mapping please.

Here's a list of criteria showing exactly what we consider a ‘Best of Map Showcase’ map:

No Significant Errors -
If your map crashes on startup, you don't stand a chance. Make sure that errors like this are found through vigorous playtesting and do not occur in your posted map. Likewise, make sure there are no problems with the zip file or any missing sounds/models, etc.

No Dodgy Compiles -
When your map is submitted, it should be fully compiled with both RAD and VIS. If this affects the map severely, it can create the possibility of a perfectly fine map being rejected. Make sure that your map is compiled properly! (Note: it is also recommended that you set VIS parameters to –full and RAD parameters to –extra. If done correctly, the map will have better frames per second and much better looking lighting.)

No Gimmicks -
Sven Co-op maps should be structured and designed. Basing an entire map around a certain entity test or prefab will more than likely result in your map not making it to the BOMS.

Good Looks -
If your map has perfect layout and balancing, but looks like the dogs, your map might still stand a chance but it will be affected by bad architecture and lighting quite severely. So if you're going to map, make sure the map looks good before you release! (Note: If your map is fullbright it doesn’t stand a chance.)

Gameplay -
By far the most important point. If your map looks great, is compiled well, but the gameplay is bad, then it won't get made gold. You must balance enemies and other elements within the map in order to allow players a chance to fight back. If eight players can’t get past a room full of endlessly spawning grunts, your map probably has bad gameplay.

In conclusion, make sure that your map fulfills all of the above requirements and more before posting it in the Map Showcase and you'll be sure to have a lot more people interested in your work.

If your map meets all of these requirements, it will more than likely be moved to the Best of Map Showcase. Only moderators can move maps, so be sure to attract their attention!