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Cpl. Shepard
23-01-2016, 11:55 AM
In the chaos of my attempt to play on a 32 slot server last night, I experienced 2 crashes. Sadly that's pretty much all I can tell you about them, there was a lot of disconnect and overflow errors happening and I can't really recall when or what exactly triggered these two crashes, but I was told to post them here anyways, so I hope it helps!

23-01-2016, 12:15 PM
Did the server at any point have any kind of precache failure or model related error?

Cpl. Shepard
23-01-2016, 12:29 PM
I asked the guy that hosted our server and he said he doesn't think so. Our server was crashing from some sorta thread error tho

/home/buildbot/buildslave/steam_rel_client_linux/build/src/tier0/threadtools.cpp (3711) : Assertion Failed: Failed to create thread (error 0xc)
CWorkThreadPool::StartWorkThread: Thread creation failed.

Which he can only guess was from "leaking thread handles". but he's just guessing. and there was also an error " "COM_LoadFile: not enough space"" if that means anything.

Honestly I'd forgot I'd even crashed at all until I checked my steam dumps folder this morning and then suddenly remembered. If you need more specific information about what happened beforehand, we'll be trying again with our server later and if I crash to desktop again I'll be sure to jot down whatever was going on at the time.

EDIT: My server's owner is asking if he needs "to specify the heapsize command for the server"

23-01-2016, 12:46 PM
In case it's any help:

I also got a couple of crashes, and a about a dozen disconnects over the first few hours (all on vanilla servers iirc, mostly Misfire's vanilla #1). I just remember one of the disconnects gave the message "server sent a bad message: g" and I was just wondering what "g" could possibly mean.

The disconnects and crashes seemed to affect waves of players at once, but not necessarily everyone. The maps with a ton of entities seemed to cause the most disconnects+crashes (turretfortress, bm_sts, hlsp chapter selection map). The half-life campaign was fine the whole way through with 20+ players.

edit: I just realized I have video captures of everything that happened. I can post those if they'd be any help (will have to sift through about 5hrs of footage though).

23-01-2016, 01:34 PM
That would be useful. based on the fact that "g" is what everybody keeps getting, it has to be a bad message being sent at a specific moment. It's sending the same data, but it's getting corrupted somehow. Would be nice to get more information from the game itself though.