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07-02-2002, 03:02 PM
I recieved an email from MG386 :


Thanks for having contribute to Download Center.

It is a very good place for maps, models or to test beta maps. There is a
comments part, like that people would be able to comment on your map(s) or your
model, it is significant to see whether you received a comment and to answer it,
and verify if it's in beta, you will be able to correct the bugs if it is
necessary... (left Map Beta)

Your Name: Mr. Hezus,
Your Map (or Model): jail2b.zip
Size of your file: 418,3 KB
Your email: hezussupastar@hotmail.com
Your password:
Your description:
Here`s the story :
U r in a fort, outside are grunts trying to kill you... nothing new... just
another dumb horde map ain`t it ??


IF somebody triggers a secret trigger somewhere in the map..

If you die, you`ll get into the enemy prison ! Ofcourse it`s heavily gaurded so
U`ll need to sent out a resq-squad to get your friends outta there... u have to
fight trough the enemy base and open the prison in the admin office then go
escort the prisoners back to base at the secret teleporter in the catfetaria :)
! It`s fun I tested it on lan with 4 players.

Now I think ! : HELL, but if everyone`s in prison, you have to wait till
timelimit hits !

No ! I say.. I got this brilliant Idea : When you are with 3 players in prison
you can hop on each other and get ppl out trough a ventilation shaft. These can
open the bars to get the 2 players left behind out and get them back to base..

Do not forget to preserve your password, with your password you will be able to
change information and erase it to change for new version of your map or models
and change the description.

My site:

This new script is created by me and can had some bugs.

It said : Thanks for having contribute to Download Center.

But I didn`t contribute the map.. they just took it and added the text from the topic below ! Anyone recieved such an email too ?

08-02-2002, 04:48 AM
It is surprising which yesterday I received 7 maps of only one blow, I think that there is somebody who decided to send them to your place but does not make with that, I go delete your map.

I am very sorry for that.


10-02-2002, 08:33 AM
the same happened with my map, i think someone put all the maps that were in gold in the download centre

dont bother deleting it i dont mind it being in there

28-02-2002, 02:42 PM
Me neither.. but when there are old maps in that shouldn`t be there .. then it ain`t really nice.. tnx for understanding Mg386..