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29-01-2016, 10:38 AM
I just notice the bug in osp3.bsp , 4 turrets in a room , and the event was happened when 4 turrets are dead (TriggerCondition = 4).

But with "sv_cheats 2" & "giveall" , I got all weapons (include displacer) , then I use displacer a lot in this map.

Entering this room , I saw these 4 turrets , shoot it with displacer portal , killed 4 turrets and it was removed by displacer as it teleported.

But..........the door which was triggered by 4 turrets' death won't happen......the event was glitched by displacer.

Hmm......after I played other map , a map has 2 turrets , it set to "when 2 turrets goes dead , it automatically remove itself to clear the path" , but it happens after turret got 0 hp "10 seconds" to trigger the "removing" event... seems like the "TriggerCondition" "4" of turret is highly delayed..

This displacer glitch is only happen to turrets , you guys must debug it....

29-01-2016, 12:03 PM
Thank you for reporting this. We'll look into it.

29-01-2016, 12:08 PM
If it's the map I think it is, those turrets are in the ceiling of a corridor. I have experienced them not triggering the multi source on death - not always, but definitely twice. In 4.8 the trigger condition 4 was bugged for turrets, but I believe it was fixed in 5.0.

What was the name of your 'other' map?

One thing, I'm not sure how the displacer alt-fire kills things, but if it deletes them rather than killing them, they may not reach 0 health to activate their trigger condition 4. This seems pretty unlikely though.

Playing 4.8 maps in 5.0 may very well give rise to problems - many entities were updated or changed for 5.0. Many maps may need to be fixed in order to run. It's the same with other major game updates - 4.x broke a bunch of maps, that's just the cost of progress.

If the displacer was weird in 5.0 that's a different thing, and should be investigated.

-edit- oh ignore, Solokiller's on it..

29-01-2016, 12:17 PM
We fixed the on death condition not firing in the next update. This is a separate bug caused by how the Displacer handles killing its targets.