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Gontom Elmidex
01-02-2016, 11:49 AM

I've experienced some random freezing/stutter for up to 2 seconds, where the game and all sounds cease, also last keyboard input carries on when it resumes.

It does appear related to the hard drive, because moving Sven Coop over to a SSD, it doesn't seem to occur at all. What I don't get though, is that my hard drives are new Western Digital Black, and I don't see how an old game, although heavily modified, should stutter as such due to the hard drive. I'm sure I've played past iterations of Sven Coop without issue on a HDD. The freezing appears to happen in Half-Life singleplayer as well.

Granted, I do run these two HDDs in raid 0 using the onboard controller, just to feed my curiosity, and I get that it isn't ideal. However, it doesn't seem like any other game experience any particular freezing or stutter, and I've never seen freezing in a game of this magnitude before either.

Any ideas as to why Gold Source games seem to behave this way, is greatly appreicated. I've tried a few Source games, and these appear to have no issues.

01-02-2016, 12:44 PM
Does the "freezing" seem to happen at any particular place/time, such as "respawn", "map load", or on a new "map change".

Also can you try "net_graph 3" in console and tell us if you see any choke or jump in the numbers when it happens.

Gontom Elmidex
01-02-2016, 01:23 PM
It seems to occur most prominently as certain assets are loaded, like when AI spawn and sometimes maybe even when items on the ground respawn. Just now I got a very brief freeze as the yellow, transparent gonarch spawned in toonrun3.

I'm not quite sure what to look for with net_graph. Should I look for a drop in any of the numbers?

01-02-2016, 01:52 PM
Number changes: Any Drop in FPS and Increase in Choke, In, Out (Outside of normal game play or when you see the Freezing/stutter, will give us some "hints" as to where the problem might be.
You could also try Developer 1 in console and TAB in there when a freeze occurs (Look for load messages, warning, errors that may occur during stuttering.)

From your description, I would guess it is something to do with "model pre-cache" or the 1st time a NPC/model appears in map, does it also happen when you switch to a "weapon" that you have not used before in game. (i.e. Map loads, shoot a couple of rounds, check which other weapons you have spawned with and swap to one of them, check/look for pause/freeze.)

Note: Developer 1 can cause decreased performance, so switch it back to developer 0 when you are finished testing.

01-02-2016, 02:55 PM
Is your computer very low on memory? (Either in total, or is it all being used up by something?)

This sounds like a lot of memory paging is happening.

Gontom Elmidex
02-02-2016, 02:55 AM
The only thing I can see changing somewhat when the freezing occurs is IN, and there is some FPS drop as far as I can tell. Choke stopped displaying a number all together, but trying a 3rd server or so, it's back. Choke doesn't seem to change very much though, despite freezing. It rose when entering the room where the gonarch is in toonrun3, but it stays high, at least when the boss room had opened.

As for developer 1, it honestly doesn't seem to do anything. Is it supposed to display messages in console?

Starting toonrun a couple of times, both multiplayer and singleplayer, it seems like the freezing does decrease with time. Switching between weapons does not seem to cause freeze or stutter, even if first time I view the model. Joining a new server, I get a picture first then a brief freeze before I can click past the welcome window.

As for memory, I have 16 GB. I've set it to the settings it was advertised with, though I've tried slight overclocks just for the curiosity. That shouldn't damage it though, and as said, I've set it to its rated settings, although I could try to set it to somewthing like 2133 CL16 (ddr4). I've yet to experience similar behavior in other games though.

Worth adding might be that I experience very slight stutter/freeze in original Opposing Force deathmatch as well as in at least one other HL mod. Day of Defeat didn't yield any such behavior, however.