View Full Version : Bug report Hammer Editor from Sven Coop 5.0 SDK

01-02-2016, 05:58 PM
Hello dear guys,

I have tested it if they have hacked grid and allowance of hollow.

Hollow block if i use example -131072 to +131072 than i convert block to hollowed block than like since my solution.
I find JackHammer better than Hammer Editor 3.5. Please use JackHammer.

And compiler doesn't make full map if it sees "black brush" If light or flash light throws light effect like Texture example Light and texture sees visibly but If i move to over than -/+65356 than textures sees black. Why does it happen? Is it bug of Engine or bug from compilers.

Please fix it!

Why does it happen with Valve Hammer Editor If i scroll left or right but it doesn't see if i move grid but i use Keyboard left and right, up and down have not problem .. So sadly! Because i would like to say about JackHammer 1.8 with Sven Coop 5.0
Mapping - no problem 100 %
compiler - no problem 100 %
engine - 50 % to 75 % :/ It is not more. I know they are working hard. I want show you because i have checked if i longest map than textures see black and inside of -/+65356 textures are visibvle with lights. If you can check if you try to longest map like -131064 to +131064, 256, 192 Than compiler throws "no error" and it compiles 1 to 10 bronces completed.

And in game Sven Coop 5.0 Engine and player sees forwards no problem but if i rotate than textures are black. Why does it happen?

Thanks! I am sorry for that it is not my fault. Sven Coop 5.0 sees happenend.

I hope you fix Engine 100 % without black-catched textures.

// EDIT Check youtube video that is proof of bug because compilers x64 makes -/+32768 black color...