View Full Version : makels and qlumpy explaination - but Half-Life SDK from Steam is missunderstanding...

27-02-2016, 08:11 PM
Hey guys,

I will explain about fixed reason because Half-Life SDK from Steam was miss understanding because bat file was written by Valve Software

makels BMP sampleswad samples.ls
qlumpy samples.ls and BMP is not valid of directory and it just is "Samples"
That is a fault by Valve Software.

I explain clean and fix:

makels "source directory" "wadfile" "scriptfile"
It means this:

makels bitmaps owntextures myscript.ls
bitmaps is correct directory with custom textures
owntextures is generated wad filename as "owntextures.wad"
myscript.ls is batch for qlumpy and it generated to lines like this:

$DEST "owntextures.wad"

$loadbmp "C:\Users\JensPC\Documents\example\bitmaps\{CRATE.BMP"
{CRATE miptex -1 -1 -1 -1
Than i go with qlumpy:

qlumpy myscript.ls
And qlumpy generated wad file. "owntextures.wad"

I hope my result helps you better if you do not need to use wally 1.5.5b if it doesn't exist internet like it is dead.
I am sure because makels and qlumpy make simple to us.

Enjoy your own wad file and publish to SC Database website if you want....