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07-03-2016, 12:29 PM
I'm having a problem playing the recent version of Sven. So, I boot it up and get to the main screen, and all is well and good at this point. However, this is where the game gets really "funky" as what happens next is very unpredictable.

So, it seems that depending on where I click kicks me out of the game, even though it will still be running. It's like if I clicked out of the window somehow even though I'm clearly didn't (if this game has a windowed mode, I would like to clarify I'm not playing in windowed mode). This effect can range from the main screen to selecting a server to actually getting into a server and playing. Sometimes the window flashes on and off very rapidly, like, one moment it shows the game, and the next it shows the desktop and any other windows I have up, then back to the game. There has also been one time where the game kicked me out of the screen while still running.

So, I haven't played Sven for very long (86 minutes of play time). However, I have played previous versions with no problem. Also, the day I got Sven (I played for an hour) it was working perfectly fine.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope I was clear enough. I'm going to uninstall then reinstall to see if that solves the problem.

(EDIT) Uninstalling and then reinstalling didn't help.

08-03-2016, 12:46 PM
Hmm this is weird, are you running the game in software?

or you could be using a resolution/aspect ratio that isn't your monitor default. Check that.

09-03-2016, 12:05 PM
You know what, that may be it. Let me check.

Well, after fighting the bugginess, I found windowed mode and set it to that, which is much more stable. However, the sides of the window appear to jitter a little inwards, but this is much better than blatantly kicking me out of the game or black-screening. It's playable, too. Oh, and when the game goes black, it does not crash. I know this because when I was fighting to change to windowed mode, I got a black screen. Though, when I pressed enter, the game went into windowed mode and functioned fine with the jitteriness I mentioned above.

As for the monitor's default resolution, I haven't touched it. The default being 1920x1080, which is a resolution I noticed Sven does not have, but I'm not sure if that matters as the game was playing fine with that setting when I first got it. I will keep this in mind, though, as I have a drawing tablet that requires me to change screen resolutions to use it. I'm not too sure what you mean by "are you running the game in software?" I'm running it on Steam...?

In any case, thanks for helping. I've found a temporary solution to my problem. If there's any other suggestions or questions, I'd be happy to check them out or answer them.

09-03-2016, 03:18 PM
To get 1920x1080 as resolution you need to set the Display mode to widescreen.


10-03-2016, 01:39 PM
To get 1920x1080 as resolution you need to set the Display mode to widescreen.


Thank you for telling me this. Sadly, it didn't fix the problem... I had to set it back to normal as the moment I clicked anything, the screen went black. It was kind of absurd how I set it back (rapidly clicking to get the screen to flicker just to see what I was doing).

Well, I've had some time with windowed mode and I've noticed some unusual behavior with whatever is going on. Okay, so while playing, sometimes the game will stop my current action for a split second and resume what it is doing. It's not a lag spike, though. To give an example, I'll be moving forward (because I'm holding down "W") and then suddenly come to a halt. I'm not moving forward because I'm holding down "W", but I have not pressed it. This is nothing more than a minor annoyance since all I have to do is press "W" to get moving again.

I've also noticed in my taskbar that the game... Okay, think of it like this, you pull up an application (so like an internet browser), it then appears on your taskbar. Okay, now think of that, but now it does that on random intervals when you already have that application up. That's what Sven is doing. Even while writing this, I had Sven active and it decided to take priority over my web browser (as if I had just pulled it up).

18-03-2016, 12:25 PM
I've got good news. This "bug" doesn't have anything to do with Sven. It's something wrong with my computer... (I kind of guessed this, but I wasn't too sure)

I figured this out when I went to play a different game, Open Spades. It had all the same problems I had with Sven.

I guess I'll be calling for customer support next... ehehehehe... Anyway, thanks to all who replied to help me solve this issue of mine.

18-03-2016, 01:09 PM
This could actually be an issue with the SDL library both Sven Co-op and Open Spades uses. Do you have any other GoldSrc based games (like Half-Life or Team Fortress classic) or perhaps another game that uses SDL (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_DirectMedia_Layer) you could try?