View Full Version : trigger_hurt and trigger_hurt_remote shake screen if dmg keyvalue = 0

27-05-2016, 05:10 PM
If dmg is set to 0 it will shake your screen as if you are being hurt even if you give the player armor with trigger_hurt_remote. A work around is to set dmg to -0.0001. Obviously there is a >= 0 which should be > 0 or something similar in the game code. Maybe have a flag that says no screen shake and force screen shake on the trigger_hurt_remote and trigger_hurt?

Also please give us "Affect non-moving NPC's" flag for trigger_multiple and the ability to use trigger_multiple like trigger_hurt (right now only the first player to enter trigger_multiple is being fired upon for me and the second player will not fire until the first player leaves so I am essentially using trigger_hurt in place of trigger_multiple in my project)