View Full Version : 5.04 Linux Server: "napalm.mdl" & "gameversion" questions, comments

06-07-2016, 07:04 AM
I am hosting dedicated servers using Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS x64.
Here are a few Linux server "bugs" from this 5.04 release (in case they haven't been discovered or reported yet)

Error: 'models/napalm.mdl' not found, swapping it for 'models/error.mdl'.

It appears the Linux server has this error, but not Windows servers. Every single time a player connects, the server gives a warning message about not being able to transfer this file. Is this the same "napalm" as Team Fortress Classic (the only napalm model I know of)? If so, can I use that model to stop the error? Would it be more proper to have a GMR file entry for every map, using:

"models/napalm.mdl" "models/not_precached.mdl"
( I haven't tried using Global Model Replacement yet and I don't know if it works )

I haven't noticed any real problem outside of the error message happening for every single client connection, but I imagine it could cause problems if many people are connecting to the server all at once like when there is a map change. I would appreciate any good temporary work-around until another release resolves this. If another release is planned to be soon I would not be concerned about this as much.

Linux server "gameversion" still the same as the Release Candidate build

The "gameversion" of my Linux servers remains as "5.04 Internal", even after validating the installation. Is there any way to change this using server-side configuration without AMXX or Metamod? I would like people to know my servers are hosting the latest version of the game without needing to use a Metamod or AMXX plugin if possible. I am unaware of how to change this without using the AMXX Fakemeta module. Again, if another release is planned to be soon I would not be concerned about this as much.


Everything else seems to be as good as it was before if not better. Good job with the Linux client and all the fixes. I haven't had the chance to try out the Linux client yet. A few people using the Windows client have told me that their gameplay on the servers that I host is noticeably better/smoother than 5.03 in some cases. Thank you for the improvements. Linux Metamod and AMXX seem to be working just as well if not better so far, and I am very happy about that.