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Shadow Eliminator
14-03-2002, 09:45 PM
Lately ive been doing some thinking on a Mod idea I had a while back and i decided to begin work on it. . Tell me if you like the ideas and perhaps if anyone would like to be in the team?

Half-Life Rpg.
New name needed....

Half Life RPG is a teambased mod when players select their team which is one of the enemy groups from Half Life. E.g Grunts, or Aliens. Then the players choose their appearance a basic skill and a personal item.

When you select an appearance you choose an appearance that is like the ones on the customise screen on regular halflife. In this game you actually select in game before the round commences to avoid hassle. Matches are made up of up to six rounds. One someone creates a server they can specify how many rounds a match is made up of.
Appearances will often be more than a matter of taste, you might choose a bright green colourscheme combined with yellow, very fluorescent but not ideal for a dark level. You'd be prey for other players...

Basic skills
Basic skills are a stat, stamina etc. But nothing that makes one player stand against a big chance of loosing a fight just because someone can move very quickly. In summeration the game would not have a stat like speed, only stamina.

Special Items
Each player can choose a special item that can be ideally matched with their basic skill. E.g a scope for a rifle, (the player cannot buy a sniper rifle) would go well with the statistic balance (when paired with the rifle ofcourse). Special items might also be things like a bullet belt, extra ammo :). Binoculars to see far away and check up on the enemy's position. You get my drift.

Leveling up.
Would be when a match/round ends one point is added to a stat depending on the players choice. Somehow this is saved and in time the player's stats will rise.

Real Physics.
The games physics include disrupted accuracy when moving, aiming down weapon sights, reaction to when you are shot, you can lay down when you are in crouching position. From there you can roll and you use the right mouse button to use your arm Deus Ex style to press switches and move crates. Also you use your arm to grab items.

Some New Weapons.
A few ideas I've had are a Nightvision or Infra red Sniper Rifle. I keep imagining a Subway level sniping loads of other players while laying down and using the Games moves. Another is double glock or double 357. Plus updated versions of the other weapons aswell :)

Swimming Switch.
Once in the water your controls will be changed, for example CTRL might make you dart forward, z and x ascend in water/descend.
And i'd like the player to be very manoeuverable in water.

Challenge Mode.

This is singleplayer with its own name, players could create their own challenge maps.
Challenge maps could possibly be played cooperative.

Advanced Message System (could be disabled)
Stephen Hawking has that thing that pronounces all the letters and words that are typed. (Anyone thats been to http://www.cybertown.com will know what i mean.) Well I dont have any idea how its done but somehow if it could be incorporated this would be a very good system. Players wouldn't miss messages as much as they wouldn't have to keep looking at the messages they recieve.

One man powerups and all team powerups. The first ones, the One man powerups might be things like Shield, Invincability, Invisability. But All team powerups are powerups that effect everyone, just for fun. Like Slowmotion.

This was something cool i thought about in the end and to be honest its really stupid :P. The idea is that the Mech is the one controllable vechicle (whatever u wanna call mech i dunno). You have a large gun and you can do massive damage. The mech could move like and be the size of a Gargantua!

When you join a game and people are currently in a round you have to wait until the game is won by either team. Or... you can be called up as a Reinforcement if the situation is really critical. The commander is the one who can call reinforcements with the click of a button while others can by voting.

More to come later. If people like the basic ideas perhaps some people would like to join a team and create this?
Cos if anyone does i'll start creating a website soon :D

The Ultimate Omega: Shadow Eliminator

14-03-2002, 10:15 PM
This could be really cool, but it seems very similar to Natural Selection with Half-Life characters. If you fleshed out the idea with a little more originality, it could have some viable potential!

Shadow Eliminator
14-03-2002, 10:48 PM
There could be other teamplay modes rather than just Team DM. For example, One player is placed on the opposite team and the other team has to rescue them. Prisoners. But for now... Im going to do three things. Finish Zero Tolerance, Finish my C Coding and either learn C++ or CSS.:D

15-03-2002, 10:00 AM
I had the same idea a while back. It would have to be an MMO game to be an RPG, it's probably best to do it as a mod for TF2. (If it ever comes out)