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08-05-2002, 10:33 PM
We had allot of such threads with asking a question or oppinion. Like favorite band or post your pic. It migth be good to know a llittle more about eachtother, so I thought it would be good to fill in this little profile like I do below to know a few standard things. And including a pic of you would be nice too. Don`t be afraid about posting here.

In-game-name : [IDK]Hezus[SCMapping]

Real name : Michael Jansen

Country : The Netherlands

Day of Birth : 5 November 1984 (age : 17)

On SvenCoop since : Version 1.3

Favorite music/band : Rock, Trance => Blink 182, Golden Earing, Bruce Springsteen, Parle & Pardoux.

Favorite thing to do : Mapping, Going out on Saturdaynight.

What you hate most : Racism, dumb questions/remarks.

Why SvenCoop ? : I always searched for a way to play HL co-operative on my LAN. I started looking on PHL and then found SvenCoop. Then I started mapping and now SvenCoop is my life. I really like the ppl around the forums.

Other favorite MP mods : Action HL, TFC, CS, Op4

Favorite Forums : Offtopic, Map Showcase, General Discussion

Favorite Post till now : Most Embarresing Moment

And my pic :

08-05-2002, 11:37 PM
i was gonna make on of these but never got round to it .
lets see .

In-game-name : Slidje
Real name : Abid Farooq
Country : England , manchester

Day of Birth : 21 november 1981 (20)

On SvenCoop since : early in 1.9

Favorite music/band : i like individual songs . radiohead is consistently good for me .

Favorite thing to do : draw, write stories . anything creative but ive lost my imagination . i get good ideas now and then but its not enough .

What you hate most : lots and lots of things about this world , the pain of innocents , child abuse is probably the worst thing on the planet for me , ignorance , lonliness , "americans" , people uneccessary pride .

Why SvenCoop ? : any game is good with people you know outside of it and svencoops such a small close knit mod and community that it really appeals to me . every day i meet someone i know in some form outside of the game .

my favourite player(s) : Git-r-man cos he seperates the world from the game so easily . he also has a habit of leaping in as your about to be killed and saving your ass .
turrican and me have this bizzare connection and we rarely talk in games unless its a map test . just charge in and elminate the enemies or objectives in seconds .
other than that i love playing with my brother cos he`s so immature , cruel and funny .

Other favorite MP mods : HLDM , op4

Favorite Forums : general , server hole , karma tent . two outside forums that id rather keep to myself .

Favorite Post till now : 007`s "just thinking about sankis" thread was the funniest , gayest thing on the planet .

theres a few pictures of me here (http://www.btinternet.com/~ezekiel.fireseed/diary/)

09-05-2002, 12:39 AM
Hmm... cool:)
In game name: Phx
Real Name: Kyle
Country: America, Arizona (glares at Slidje:p)
DOB: Dec 17, 1984 (17)
On SC since: about a year ago.
Fav. Bands: Loreena McKennitt, Linkin Park and Clannad.
Fav. Thing: Gaming and Surfing(net)
Don't like: Close mindedness, Religious Zealots(basiclly anyone who trys to tell me what to believe)
Why SC?: I started in this because it was mentioned in an "Advanced Cheats Guide"(covered stuff like monster spawning and the like) and I stayed because I like the environment.
Other mods: Sci Hunt:D
Fav. Forums: The ones I mod:p
Fav. Post: Most EM:)
EDIT: hehe lucky for you no pics:)

Honking Donkey
09-05-2002, 12:43 AM
My name in game is:HonkingDonkey

MY Aim sn is:Honkingdonkey901

I was born on March 13, 1987 at approxamatly 3:00 Pm Friday.

I have been Svencooping since the first release of SVEN COOP

My Real name is Carlo A. *******

My favorite person would be my sweet bumble bee Rayna (oo i wub her so much!)

I dont play much anymore, i just basically play DDR (www.ddrfreak.com)

My favorite forums are the Off topic forums.

Go to DR and find the "what do u look like thread" to find my Fr0sh pic(i have short hair at that pic, i grew my hair)

I svencoop because it is just plain fun. Another reason is because the community is quite small so thats a good thing

09-05-2002, 03:31 AM
In-game-name : Creeping Death

Real name : Eric

Country : The Netherlands

Day of Birth : 27 July 1985 (Age: 16)

On SvenCoop since : Version 1.3

Favorite music/band : Metal/Iced Earth

Favorite thing to do : ASP scripting, hanging out with friends

What you hate most : Murderer of Pim Fortuyn

Why SvenCoop ? : It's something different. It's co-operating against the monsters, instead of against eachother.

Other favorite MP mods : SvenCo-op, Team Fortress 1.5

Favorite Forums : Offtopic, 2.0 Final Beta Testers Forum

Favorite Post till now : 2.0 Final Beta Testers Forum

Lord Booga
09-05-2002, 10:13 AM
Wheeee. FUN!

Ingame name: Lord Booga (duh).

real name: Daniel Koppes.

born jun 1 1983

Played SvenCoop on and off (over LAN/by myself) since 1.3ish.

What i hate: *deep breath* Microsoft, Religions, Racists, Americans, cheaters, arrogant idiots, democracy, aand... most governments - oh, and consoles.

Favorite Music: Can't really decide. Best groups/artists however, include Queen, Smashmouth, Shaggy, and Prince.

Why SvenCoop: I Love COOP! Duke3D was the very beginning of years of uber good coopness for me :)

Other good mods: HLDM, TFC, Surprise, Rocket Crowbar.

Favorite Forum: Death Row - i love reading moronic posts by moronic people :)

i live in Christchurch, New Zealand...

I can usually be found either coding (Delphi/C++), modelling (for the Pokémod (http://pokemod.fragoff.net) ) , playing a select collection of games, or reading (and making room for some sleep in there occasionally)

09-05-2002, 10:14 AM
In-game-name : [D6]Malek

Real name : Scott R.

Country : United States

Day of Birth : 13th October, 1982 (age: 19)
On SvenCoop since : Version 1.9

Favorite music/band : Mainly Rock - Metalica, System of a Down and some Instrumental (mainly Gloom)

Favorite thing to do : Jedi Knight 2, Air Softing, etc.

What you hate most : "l33t d00ds", people who think they're better than alot of other people.

Why SvenCoop ? : Why the hell not?

Other favorite MP mods : DoD, CS, Op4, and S&I

Favorite Forums : General Team Forum, Admin Forum, Off Topic, General Gaming

Favorite Post till now : **Classified**

09-05-2002, 11:01 AM
Ingame name- Nomble

Realname - Secret or ill get killed by angry players.

Day of birth 22th of may. 1987. Age 14
Been playing SC since some old version on PC gamer. (just when 1,9 got released)

Favo thing: Doing shit.

I fucking hate shitheads who thinks sweden is a very poor country like countries in Afrika.

Why Svencoop? Becuase 1,9 was so funny so I just cant stop.

Picute.. EDITED OUT (reason, I dont wanna get killed by angry n00bs with guns.)

09-05-2002, 11:36 AM
Ingame Name: 007 , -=SAG=- 007, |TNC| 007.

Real Name: Mark T.

Date of birth: July First 1989

Age: 12 (will be 13 in 2 months)

Favorite Band\Music : BasmentJaxx, Jimmy Eat World, Nickleback, Linkin Park

Favorite thing to do: Play Computer, Make maps

Other Favorite Mods: CS (;) ), SC,TFC,VS, OP4

Favorite Post: "Just Thinkin' About Sankis"

and if you wanna see my picture go play "007_GargFight"

60 Megabyte File
09-05-2002, 02:45 PM
In-game-name : [CR.Colonel]60_Megabyte_File
Real name : Rob Deacon

Country : USA

Day of Birth : August 11

On SvenCoop since : Late Version 1.3

Favorite music/band : Drowning Pool, Offspring

Favorite thing to do : I wish I had a girl to go somewhere with...

What you hate most : When people act like total wart heads (act just stupid to get on other people's nerves

Why SvenCoop ? : I like Co-op things more then DM things

Other favorite MP mods : HLDM, Op Force, Action HL

Favorite Forum : Offtopic

Favorite Post till now : Most Embarresing Moment (Made by me :D )

Yaso Kuuhl
09-05-2002, 03:20 PM
In-game-name : El Pollo Diablo; Yaso Kuuhl

Real name : Michael T.

Country : Austria

Day of Birth : 12 January 1983 (age : 19)

On SvenCoop since : Version 1.9

Favorite music/band : Mostly classical (Mozart, Al Bano Carrissi [spelling?])

Favorite thing to do : Playing RPGs and Magic, driving around in the evening, watching Jackie Chan Films

What you hate most : Racism, bullys, stupid teachers, ********, "fake love"

Why SvenCoop ? : It´s the perfect game for our school network. :)

Other favorite MP mods : Action HL, TFC, CS if I am desperate for Team-Deathmatch

Favorite Forums : Offtopic, Model Showcase, General Discussion, Tactics

Favorite Post till now : Most Embarresing Moment

09-05-2002, 03:46 PM
In-game-name: {HB}~EvilPentaPenguin~

Real Name: Josh

Country: U.S.

Date-of-birth: May, 16 1989 (Almost 13)

On SvenCo-op since: Version 1.3

Favorite Music/Band: Pop, Smash Mouth

Favorite things to do: Play HL Mods Online/LAN, playing PS2, baseball, and basketball

Things I hate most: Racism, Llamas, N00bs

Why SvenCo-op? Why not? :p

Favorite Mods Other than SC: Global Warefare, TFC, PVK, and CS

Favorite Forums: Map Showcase, Best of Showcase, Model Showcase, Off-Topic, and like looking at dr'ed threads :rolleyes:

09-05-2002, 04:03 PM
In-Game-Namez : Turrican, RiedQuat

Real Name : No.

Country : UK

In Sven since : 1 point something low
On forums since : dont know

Favvy music type : Eighties; Peter gabriel, Afghan Whigs, and stuff...
Favorite song : Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

Favorite thing to do : take my medication (Beclomethasone or something)

Things i hate : Confusion, homophobes, popups, food

Things i like : Lasers! decimal points, disease (i got lots!!), furrrrries! ^.^

Why Svencoop : Dont know ?_?

Favorite mods other than UK : dont have any, HL wont work properly :(

Favvy forums : Best of map showcase, Modelling showcase, community news

Most hated forums : Karma whatever (too flamey), Tech Hole (me no understand ?_?)

Favorite post : Nombles "THE FLOOR IS SO HIGH I CANT SPEEL WORDS" one. Cant remember what it said properly now :( .

09-05-2002, 05:12 PM

In-game-name : Kaneda

Real name : Scott... [on second thought]

Country : United States

Day of Birth : April 27th, 1987 (age : 15)

On SvenCoop since : Version 1.9

Favorite music/band : Rock, hell yeah. Saliva, Static-X, Nirvana [a wee bit], and I recently became a fan of the little-known techno-ish group, The Avalanches.

Favorite thing to do : Go out, Quake

What you hate most : Morons :(

Why SvenCoop ? : Funny question. As of now, I have no idea why I started playing Svencoop. I wasn't looking for coop, I guess I was just browsing mods as I had just bought Half-life, or saw it on PHL one day.

Other favorite MP mods : Svencoop is my only other Half-life game...heh. Quake Series mods include Team Fortress, Action Quake 2, Quake 3 fortress, Rocket Arena 3, and Weapons Factory Arena.

Favorite Forums : The private ones, of course :p. Mapping Q&A is good too, as it usually answers most of my newbie mapping questions without me even having to post.

Favorite Post till now : Eh, hmm. That "Penis? Vagina?" Post between Secret-Agent and BGY, gotta love the classics.

09-05-2002, 05:35 PM
In-game-name : Edcrab

Real name : CLASSIFIED.

Country : UK.

Date of Birth : CLASSIFIED. (My way of saying, "why should it matter" and "now they won't be able to kill me...")

On SvenCoop since : Version 1.3 (For about 30 minutes... despised the first people I met and uninstalled, but got hooked when I decided to give 1.9 a try...)

Favorite music/band : "Classic" Techno (FatBoySlim, Chemical Brothers...) anything that isn't mind rotting crap.

Favorite thing to do : Sleep, eating... well, most of life's functions. Well, the things that all life does.

What you hate most : Racism, Inequality, those who refuse to accept their mistakes.

Why SvenCoop ? : I got lost when trying to download stuff. Possibly.

Other favorite MP mods : Day of Defeat, FireArms, Natural Selection (some day.)

Favorite Forums : Offtopic, General Gaming, General Discussion, Private Forums :p

Favorite Post till now : EVERYTHANG!

And my pic : [Edited out, apologise to those who have heart problems NOW, Ed- MJ]

09-05-2002, 06:02 PM
In Game Name: Sankis, Siknas, Cecil, or something else

Real Name: Matt

Country: USA

Date of Birth: April 22nd, 1987 (15)

On Sven Coop Since: 1.0

Favorite Thing: Sleeping

Favorite Forums: Hot Moderator Sex Room [Private, but lost access to it :/]

What I hate the most: YOU

Favorite Post: Eh...i dunno

Favorite Music: Most Songs from Anime Series

Favorite TV Show[Excluding all anime]: Friends ^_^

09-05-2002, 08:31 PM
In Game Name: NYPD SWAT Robot

Real Name- Advanced Tactical Robot-5 series #23

Country- USA

Date of Assembly- Feb 10 1990

On Sven Coop- 2.0b

Favorite thing- no prefrence

Favorite Forums- All svencoop.com forums

What I hate the most- Terrorists and assasins

Favorite post, by far- "BUTEMAM!!!" the last one that got 'im banned

Favorite song- "Stairway to Heaven"

Favorite TV Show- no prefrence

Why SC?- Actually it was because of a bug. When I checked my filter settings to change from TFC to CS, "Svencoop" was there. WTF IS THIS?!?! So I searched, found this, and started playing (2.0b).

Pic- *classified*

09-05-2002, 08:59 PM
In Game Name: Prod (Who saw that coming?)
Real Name: I do not exist. I work for the United Earth Government. All information about my true identity is classified.
Date of Birth: 02/02/1986 as far as you're concerned.
Country: USA
Favorite TV show: The Simpsons
Favorite Computer Game: HL :D
Favorite thing to do: Computer games, Warhammer 40k, Paintball
What I hate most: Morons (The rest is too long to list)
Why Sven Coop?: It's fun :)
Other favorite mods: Omega Psi :D, Rival Species, CS
Favorite Forums: Karma Shack, Off-Topic, S&I, Log Basket, Death Row :)
Favorite Post (not by me): BUTEMAM!!!

09-05-2002, 10:20 PM
In-game-name : CyPrEsSSoLjA

Real name : Kris S. (screw you i dont need ppl calling me)

Country : United States

Day of Birth : Feburary 4th, 1986 (16)

On SvenCoop since : Version 1.9

Favorite music/band : Metal, some rap, Static X system of a down, powerman 5000, cypress hill, Rammstein

Favorite thing to do : Chill with my friends, go on the comp

What you hate most : Assholes, teases, thugs, CS!!

Why SvenCoop ? : because its there...

Other favorite MP mods : DoD, TFC, uhhh... i think thats all

Favorite Forums : Death row, stupid ppl say stupid things

Favorite Post till now : uhhh... i dunno:wtf:

Old pic =/ ill update when i can

10-05-2002, 05:41 AM
In-game-name : (-=CR=-)-(Gen.)-Sampson

Real name : Sampson, with a first name at beggining

Country : United States

Day of Birth : May 6, 1987 (15)

On SvenCoop since : right when version 1.9 was released

Favorite music/band : Old school rap; wu tang, shyheim, gza, rza, tribecalledquest, raekwon

Favorite thing to do : Chill with friends, play volleyball, play badmitton, work out, paintball

What you hate most : Burnt pancakees, humidity, when I screw up on somethin easy, feet, people who are scrubs, skateboarders, thrashers, goths, when a girl is hot but acts like bitch, kids who start because they think there all hard ass, thiefs, when someone busts ass and blames it on you, smell of nail polish remover, snakes, spiders, the woods, lyers,

Why SvenCoop ? : Because of its funess

Other favorite MP mods : SC, CS, TFC, HLPB

Favorite Forums : off topic, death row, model showcase

Favorite Post till now : most embarrasing moment

First svencoop map played: bunker

Pics: This is really old, taken 11 months ago. Now im 5'10, and my hair was REALLY messed up in that pic, it was taken right after I changed after gym so the front is like shit there, so ill find better one sometime

10-05-2002, 12:19 PM
In game name : Nemesis6

Real name : Eik Corell

Country : Denmark!

Day of birth : /me thinks.... oh! right... may 11, 1988 (14 tomorrow)

On svencoop since : 1.9

Favorite music/band : Limp bizkit, acdc... sash... rage against the machine... all kinds of stuff...

Favorite thing too do : sit at the computer all day, and my newly found skill, skinning

What i hate most : skateboarders... thrashers, smart asses... and people back talking me, and spiders! And, B.G.I-11

Why svencoop ? : nice and cosy community, not so many llamas... fun too play with friends!

Other favorite MP mods : Day of defeat, and pvk

Favorite forums : Death row, model showcase, and of course, Death row :D

Favorite posts till now : hmm... uhhh, this one actually seems quite interesting!

First svencoop map ever played : hostage

This is me, the picture is a little old, but never the less, it's a pic !

10-05-2002, 03:25 PM
name: {DoA}DrunkMonkey
ALWAYS even on lans i`v got my tag on, depsite it being a tribes clan. HMMM mabye i should turn it into an sc clan....

real name: robert however usually called BoB or even bebop dunno why... last name is errrrrrr, generally quite common around england ppl stuff.
well spelt kinda differntly from some ppl on TV, on england bbc TV.

age: 14!!

ERRRRR watcing tv. and like listeing to iron maiden and metticla and guns and roses and errr sum 41 and stuff like dat.

i also like: laughing and watchin tv and stuff and sometimes rugby stressing ppl off eTC ETC... oh yeah and burning things.

i errrrrr, don`t got any pics at da mo, haven`t connected my camera, so i`ll describe me.
i`am quite tall, got glasses and stupid hair which always flops around and errrrr, oh well i give up.

12-05-2002, 06:54 PM
Nick name: MadBopp

Real Name: Jacob Armand Skytte

Age: 17

Country: Denmark

Day of birth: 30-06-1984

Day of death (according to www.thespark.com) May 9, 2041

On SvenCoop since: Can't remember

Favourite music: Rock, Heavy Metal

Favourite things to do: Go partying, go hunting

What I hate most: stupidity

Other games: none

Other mods: AHL, FA, DoD, Existence

Picture(s): me... DON'T CLICK!!! (http://madbopp.50megs.com/photo.html)

13-05-2002, 02:57 AM
I was looking around on the internet and found a satanist website and I saw the picture of the head 'preacher'. Honestly, if that guy wasn't already dead I would have gone and shot him myself. Anyway, enough about madbopps website.

Nickname: Kyuran, Macros, Linctus, EGON
Age: 14
Country: Australia
On Sven co-op since: It was released on a PC PowerPlay a while back. 1.3 i think.
Favourite music: Rock, Alternative (as broad a genre as that is)
What I hate most: Blatantly bad people, dishonourable people, people who can't take jokes, hipocryts.
Other games: SOF, Outcast, Unreal World, Ghost Recon, RTCW, Doom 2...
Other mods: Vampire Slayer, AHL, DoD.
Picture: No.

13-05-2002, 03:21 AM
Originally posted by Macros
I was looking around on the internet and found a satanist website and I saw the picture of the head 'preacher'. Honestly, if that guy wasn't already dead I would have gone and shot him myself. Anyway, enough about madbopps website.

I do not think you have read what I've written at the bottom of the very first page at my HP.

13-05-2002, 06:18 AM
I should have phrased it properly. What I meant was that I looked at your website, saw all this satanic stuff (i know you say you aren't a satanist) and then it reminded me of this time i found the vhurch of satans website. I'm not accusing you of being a phyco.

13-05-2002, 08:53 AM
ah, that's okay.

14-05-2002, 02:26 PM
Ok, the pics look quite evil, but plz keep this on-topic.


14-05-2002, 10:58 PM
Do I count as a regular?
I R teh spammeh cranneh.

In game name : cranberry

Real name : Claire-Louise Weale

Country : England

Day of birth : July 17th 1987

On svencoop since : this version. had 1.9 on my computer just never got round to playing it, then when I did decide to play Sven, found I needed to download teh new one...

Favorite music/band : looads of stuff, indie pop, indie rock, stuff i can't describe...favourite band is probably The Hives...for now.

Favorite thing too do : camping (not the in game kind -_-), playing HL, playing Dead or Alive 3 and Halo on xbox with my brothers, shopping, dancing for the BYDC.

What i hate most : lack of space, someone thinking that I'm their property, someone thinking i owe them something, schools, conflict.

Why svencoop forums? : because i have no friends ;_;
because i luv u sven co-op!

Other favorite MP mods : S&I

Favorite forums : Off Topic, DiZnEyLand (where stoopid nevar ends!!11@)...

First svencoop map ever played : shattered, i think

pictures of me normally reside >here< (http://uk.photos.yahoo.com/mintycloud). my digital camera is missing, so i'm sorry about the nasty quality of the photos...(...pathetic webcam...)

60 Megabyte File
22-05-2002, 03:34 PM
Heres a pic of me (taken in Florida in November 2001)

Hehe...thats my little bro Christian on my lap...

22-05-2002, 05:11 PM
MY PICTURE (http://home.wanadoo.nl/leader/bla.bmp)

How nice... *AHUM*