View Full Version : HellzKitchen Server Announcement

17-07-2002, 08:11 AM
as SOME of you might have noticed, hellzkitchen servers have been down for a few days off and on. Currently they are down.
X-gamer has choosen to move the server location and we are waiting for our servers to be re-activated.
soooooooooo . we Expect our servers back online with-in the week.
just a FYI so some of you don't think we dropped off the face of the planet.

17-07-2002, 08:54 AM
yo mass i will come to hellz kitchen and resume my admin spot as soon as i get a new copy of HL, OK?

17-07-2002, 02:20 PM
This is good to know as these are some of the best ping servers for me.I also want to say thanks for removing the AFK kick from your servers.Before just answering the door or going to the bathroom (with the intent of coming right back) would result in being kicked.

Mr. Chris
17-07-2002, 06:22 PM
I will need a copy of the adminpass.cfg when I get my own comp back

My ping will be even lower if the server location is closer to me