View Full Version : Make A Party Server

14-09-2002, 02:15 PM
any of you server admins should make a party server untill 2.0final is out we can have a big party to celebrate 2.0b death and 2.0final birth! plllz itll be so cool ill play all nigt and all day ill pull a all nighter cmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14-09-2002, 02:18 PM
Why dont you just make one yourself ?_?
Or just get a friend who has cable/adsl too.
Or even better you could just go to a server that has 2.0f on it, as most of them will already have it when 2.0f is released to the public :rolleyes:

14-09-2002, 02:21 PM
ok first of all you dont have to be so hostile second if i posted this then obviosly i cant make my own server. its too slow and laggy ajd it crashes every 20 minutesbut thank you for reading my message and responding

14-09-2002, 02:29 PM
sorry if i sounded hostile, didnt mean to D:
but anyway, there will probably be loads of people running servers like you said, so it shouldn't be a problem.

14-09-2002, 03:18 PM
thank you, im sorry if i thought u were being hostile it just seems alot of people did that last time i made a new thread so i was a bit edgy

14-09-2002, 06:09 PM
heres one: marf-lan.servehalflife.com:27014 , Have fun