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Forum Netiquette

"Netiquette" is the term for how to behave on the Internet. These rules are a guide to how any user of the forum should behave. Forum regulars will not be penalised as much as relatively new posters, but it considered their responsibility to act properly in order to give the right impression to new posters. You're mature enough to have become a long-term user of the forums. Show it. Do not write your messages in caps as it makes you look like a idiot and doesn't help to put your point across to the bemused regulars. Do not flame or insult and do not troll by creating provocative and pointless topics. If you are foolish then it will be picked up upon and you will be penalised by the moderators as they see fit. In order to keep the forums easily accessible and make your post easier to find, please post relevant topics in the right places, a topic about mapping should not go into off-topic and vice-versa. Topics that are considered vastly out of place will be deleted and repeat offences will result in a warning. Also, make sure the title of your post is relevant to the content, especially when posting in mapping/bugs/suggestions. The title should represent a summary of your post. Also remember, the forums have an edit function, use it. If you feel the need to add something straight after posting please edit/add to your post. Not doing so isn't considered an offence, but it is considered polite. Most of all, use your common sense when posting and treat other forum users how you would like to be treated yourself, doing so will enrich the community for both you and the other users and make it a more enjoyable place to post.

Personal Message system

The Personal Message system has a limit of 35 inbox posts to be stored, any more than that and you will not be able to accept new Personal Messages. Therefore please keep your PM box clear for messages from moderators or other users. If you are unable to be contacted, we may have to clear your PM box completely in order to contact you.

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