This is just to clear up why you are no longer allowed to post Model Conversions from other Retail Games on Model Showcase.

As a Half-Life mod, Sven Co-op is free to use Models, Sounds and Sprites from other Retail Half-Life products including Gunman Chronicles, CS Retail, DoD Retail and any of the Half-Life expansions. It is also fine for you to play around with these as long as they are for your personal use or for use with Half-Life.

However, the models remain the property of Valve/Gearbox, the same way any models you make are your property, we've just been allowed to use them.

This does not extend to other game makers however, who own their models and do not wish for any Half-Life mods to use their property. This is similar to the issue with Fox that led to all those Aliens/Predator mods being shut down or refused permission to go ahead.

As a website hosting the files, or at least providing links to them through the forums, we could be accused of helping to break copyright. As becomes more and more mainstream, the chance of one of these game companies noticing the breach of copyright and phoning their lawyers increases. The wider range of games that are converted, the greater the chance we'll get caught.

If we get caught, at the best we would have just had to remove the file, at the worst, we would have to shut down the website and forums in order to avoid a costly lawsuit that none of the team could afford (not as unlikely as it sounds, these people love to make examples).

There are a couple of loopholes in the EULA that we could use to give us the impression that hosting these files was ok, but its been decided that its not worth the risk and we would ultimately be caught out. Therefore, we decided to stop hosting model conversions before we got caught.

Sorry if this led to the loss of any work or waste of time and effort, but the reasons behind this were far more important than stopping you having fun.