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    Originally posted by Snowcarve
    Man those shots are making me drool ..........
    *puts Snowcarve into cage to keep other ppl safe*
    ok , it was joke
    anyway - nice map , are these really so dark or
    its sum kind a problems with gamma ? so that
    if you make screens , they become darker.
    it happens to me too
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    Thumbs up Re: Another unit

    Awesome map.One of my favorite SC maps.

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    Re: Another unit

    i found this map EXCELENT! the bit against security drones and pop-up bunker defences work VERY well,

    as for the open the doors puzzle, one of the simple most easy to miss, but very good ideas for a puzzle,

    you should give yourself a nice big pat on your back, it rules!

    also, great puzzle with the explosive barrels to blow up the crates
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