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    Forum Rules

    Read these rules well before posting and save both yourself and everyone else from having any future problems. Thank you.

    These are the forums for Sven Co-op, the Half-Life Co-operative modification. These forums have been provided for the community to discuss the modification and are considered the 'official' forums.

    General Rules - The Basics
    • Treat other forum users how you would like to be treated yourself, doing so will enrich the community for both you and everyone else and make it a far more enjoyable place to discuss issues.
    • To make things clear, this is an English forum and posts in a foreign language should be kept to a minimum in public threads!
    • Make sure that you consider netiquette when posting. Do not flame or insult and do not troll by creating provocative and pointless topics. If you behave badly then it will be picked up upon and you will be penalised by the moderation team as they see fit.
    • Flaming and trolling also includes unreasonable slurs directed towards third party groups, modifications (especially other Co-operative mods) and companies.
    • In order to keep the forums easily accessible and make your post easier to find, please post relevant topics in the right places, a topic about mapping should not go into off-topic and vice-versa. Topics that are considered vastly out of place will be deleted and repeat offences will result in a warning.
    • Make sure the title of your post is relevant to the content, especially when posting in mapping/bugs/suggestions. The title should represent a summary of your post.
    • The forum has an easy-to-use edit function. If you feel the need to add something straight after posting then please edit your post.
    • Forum regulars will not be penalised as much as relatively new posters, but it is considered their responsibility to act properly in order to give the right impression to new posters and act in a mature way.
    • The Personal Message system has a limit of 50 inbox posts to be stored, any more than that and you will not be able to accept new Personal Messages. Therefore please keep your PM box clear for messages from moderators or other users.

    File Uploads
    • On certain forums it is possible to upload certain kinds of images and files, there is a limit of 1MB file size. This is for you to upload files of your choice but wasting space or uploading files not related to the forum or Sven Co-op is not acceptable. This will lead to your file uploading privileges being revoked and your file being removed.
    • We do not allow BMP files to be uploaded, images should be in jpeg, gif or png format.

    Bannable Offences
    The following things are considered gross acts and usually result in repercussions for the poster:
    • Posting or giving links to illegally obtained or copied software. i.e. Warez
    • Posting sexually explicit or disgusting images, explicit includes everything that you wouldn't show your grandmother and disgusting includes everything most normal people would be sick at. Use your common sense when posting links or images. If in doubt, don't post it!
    • We do not tolerate racism or prejudice in any form.
    • Abuse of the PM system. For example, mass-spamming or abuse against forum users using the PM system.
    • Posting personal information that is not your own. This could include home addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, and other similar information.

    Swearing can be accepted as an expression but do not overuse it in a topic or use it in a topic title. You may use it to emphasise a point but a constant stream of swearwords will lead to a warning. In certain cases, posting a large number of irrelevant or pointless replies or topics may result in a warning or even a ban. This is considered spamming, and is not taken lightly.

    Signatures, Custom Titles and Avatars
    • Signatures should be a maximum of 6 lines long, preferably shorter. The rules for signature content are the same as for posting on the forum.
    • Images must be jpeg, gif or png format. No Bitmaps or other high-quality image types are allowed.
    • Images must be a maximum of 600L x 125H (in pixels) and be no more than 90kb in filesize. If using multiple images, the collective pixel dimensions of the images must not exceed the aforementioned dimension limit.
    • Images must not be obscene or crude.
    • No fast moving or flashing (swapping between two images quickly) images are allowed (and that goes for Avatars too)

    If your signature breaks any of the above rules, it will be removed or changed by the moderators and your ability to use signatures or avatars will be revoked.

    A games forum does not double up as a place for free advertising. We do not have a problem with people promoting Sven Co-op or Half -Life related websites, but trying to sell goods is considered taking advantage of the forums. This also includes threads gathering referrals and signups.

    Any threads considered advertising and outside the above rules will be deleted instantly. No exceptions.

    Common Sense Clause
    Any kind of behavior not included on this list but considered by anyone with common sense to be obnoxious, hostile or excessively stupid, is also considered to be against the rules.

    For general forum issues and problems, please contact me, using the forum PM system:

    When it is considered necessary to stop a forum member from taking part in a community, the moderators are the ones with the power to do so. Unprecedented bannings are rare, and are usually resolved quickly. If you do end up banned somewhere along the line it is likely to be your own fault.

    If you do believe that you were unfairly banned, then please contact Sniper through e-mail, using the address given on the contact page.

    If it is necessary for a moderator to close a topic or delete it then it is within their powers to do so. If your topic is closed or deleted then accept it. If you're not clear why your topic was culled, then please send a personal message to a moderator who will be able to give you a reasoned answer.

    “Vigilante moderators” are users who post what decision they believe should be made about certain threads, for instance:
    "Why are you posting this here. It needs to be posted in this other forum"
    "Moderators, Death Row this please"
    "You will be banned for this"

    This is not acceptable as it interferes with the running of the forum and may confuse other users about the forum rules. If you feel that you have to help, then please use the "report to moderator" function below the post in question. It will then be dealt with in the appropriate way by the appropriate person.

    Remember, the moderators are here to manage and ensure the smooth running of the forums. They are not paid for their services and are doing it as part of their role in the community. Treat them and the forums with respect and you'll make it a more pleasant place for everyone.

    If you have any questions or comments regarding any of these rules, then feel free to contact me.

    The Sven Co-op Moderating Team
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