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    Exclamation Showcase Forum Rules (Read before posting)

    Welcome to the Map Showcase !
    This is the place to show your map to the community and test maps made by others. This thread explains the rules for posting maps and reviewing them. It also gives you the information you'll need to make map testing easier.

    Part I - Posting Maps, how to post your map, the rules and general tips.
    Part II - Reviewing Maps , what to pay attention to and the rules.

    Part I
    Posting maps, how does this work ?
    Posting a map is done by making a new thread and posting a link to download the map in the Map Showcase. (The Attachment System is currently unavailable on the Showcase Forum). To prevent this Showcase from becoming a unorganized mess, you'll have to consider the following :

    1. Thread Names
    If your map is called "Alienhunt", then start a thread with the title "Alienhunt". Do NOT name your thread something like : " My first Map". It's a good idea to post the version number behind the title. If you are posting your map and planning to use the comments you've got to make changes, it's wise to let the testers know which version you've posted. Name your threads like this: "Alienhunt (Beta1)".

    2. Fully Compiled?
    Make sure your map is fully compiled before you post it. This means with VIS and RAD! If you have problems setting up the compiler, you can find help on our Mapping Forums. An easy-to-use compile program is: ZHLT Compile GUI ( ). Also note that suggestions for final compile parameters can be found on the ZHLT website ( ).

    3. File Structure
    Before you post your map make sure your zip (or RAR)-file has a fixed folder structure. This way testers only have to unzip the package into their Half-life folder. To make a fixed zip structure you must create an empty folder named "SvenCoop" on your desktop. Put your files in the right way in this folder :
    - *.cfg,*.txt, *.bsp go into the SvenCoop/maps folder.
    - *.wad goes into the SvenCoop/ folder.
    - *.wav goes into the SvenCoop/sound folder.
    - sky textures go into the SvenCoop/gfx/env folder.
    - *.mdl goes into the SvenCoop/models folder.

    If you have placed your files in the right folders, you must zip your SvenCoop folder (the one you just created on your desktop). Now WinZip will zip all the files in a fixed folder structure.

    Don’t forget to add the following files to your map :
    - A Motd (mymap_motd.txt), you can put mission orders into this file or the credits.
    - A Config file (mymap.cfg), you can put starting conditions in this file. (like giving the player 25 HEV power at the start or a shotgun with a certain amount of ammo)
    - A Readme (mymap_readme.txt) You can put information about the map, credits, known bugs and contact info into this file.

    4. Thread Structure
    If you want people to test your map make sure your thread is attractive so testers will have a good feeling about your map before they download it. Tell people something about the map, like what type of map it is (arena or walkthrough) and some of the background story. Posting screenshots is always a good thing good to do. Many testers will only test your map if they can get a first impression through the screenshots you've posted.

    5. Best Of Map Showcase:
    If your map is considered very good, it might have the chance to go to Best Of Map Showcase. This is the place for the best maps in the Community. Testers can, if they find your map good, post a request to move the thread to the Best of Map Showcase. One of the Forum Moderators will decide if your map is worth a Best of Showcase nomination. (Note: take a look at this thread to review the requirements needed for your map to be sent to the Best of Map Showcase.)

    6. Map Package Size
    If you want your map to be tested by more people make sure the package size is not too large. Testers with a 56K connection will certainly not test your map if they'll have to download a 25 megabyte file. If you have not-directly-necessary files within the package (like mp3 or music wav files) you can put them into an alternative package. If a tester wants the additional music with your map, they can always download the alternative package.

    7. Entmaps
    Posting Entmaps is not allowed in the Showcase. Entmaps are often just large empty boxes where people can play around with objects, so basically it has nothing to do with Sven Co-op Mapping. To keep the Showcase focused on our own MOD, Sven Co-op, we do not allow the posting of Entmaps.

    8. Map Maker Maps
    Posting maps made with Map Maker or any other random map generator is not allowed.

    9. Legal Issues
    By posting your map into this Showcase you accept that your map is FREEWARE. This rule is standard to all showcased work, UNLESS the creator of the map attaches his/her own legal issues for use of his/her work. These legal issues should be posted within the Showcase Thread or in an attached readme file in the map's download package.

    10. Retail Content & Permissions
    Retail Content (Models, textures etc.) from retail games is not allowed in your map (except for Half-life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift, ofcourse).
    Custom content made by amateurs: Always get the permission from the original author before including anything into your map that isn't made by yourself. Read attached text files or contact the original author for the permission to use his/her content.

    Part II
    Map Testing, how does this work ?
    If you want to play new maps and help mappers developing their maps by giving feedback, there are a few things to consider:

    1. Give Real Feedback
    After testing someone’s map, you can post bugs or your opinion on the map. Only post constructive feedback ! Posting something like "Your map sucks" is not allowed. Posting feedback is meant to help the mapper develop his map and skills, so give feedback he/she can actually use for that cause!

    Give feedback about the gameplay and the architecture/detail level. A rating is nice too, but note that this rating will differ a lot depending on who tested the map. A newbie will give 9/10 real quick; a forum regular has to be stunned to give at least an 8/10.

    2. Bumping Old Threads
    Bumping old threads is allowed on this forum. If you took the time to playtest one of the older maps on the Showcase, you are still allowed to post comments. However, this doesn't mean you can bump threads with general small-talk. It has to be a valuable contribution to the thread.

    3. Best Of Map Showcase
    Do you think that the map you've just tested is good enough for the Best of Map Showcase? Then send an email or PM to one of the Showcase Forum Moderators (Hezus or JPolito, or any other active moderator, for that matter). We'll consider your Best Of Map Showcase nomination. Also, take a look at this thread to review the requirements needed for your map to be sent to the Best of Map Showcase.

    4. Legal Issues
    All maps within the Map Showcase are considered Freeware! This mean you are allowed to pass them on to others and put them on a download site. However, you must offer the FULL package which the creator has given to you. (With all files in zip/rar!)
    NOTE : This rule is standard, UNLESS the creator has given another instruction contained within his/her own legal issue's, in the Forum Thread and the attached readme files.

    Moderators are able to change the rules at any time! Nothing can be claimed from sudden changes to the Showcase rules.
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